Report: Social Media for Wealth Management 2016

Wealth managers are still slow to effectively make use of the possibilities offered by Facebook, Twitter and other extremely popular social media platforms. For our report “Social Media for Wealth Management 2016 - Learning from the Best”, we analyzed the social media performance of more than 200 wealth managers worldwide, but found only few wealth management companies that manage to exploit social media’s viral marketing opportunities, such as ... more

Report: Websites for Fund and Asset Management 2016

The websites of the global leaders in fund and asset management fail to meet the highest standards in user experience and interactivity. This is a key finding of the new report which analyzes and ranks the desktop and mobile sites for individual investors of the world’s top 15 fund managers. The fund managers TIAA-CREF, Fidelity and Franklin Templeton top the website ranking... more

New Report: Behind the Login of Wealth Managers Websites

The secured websites of wealth managers, which require a client login, have mastered basic capabilities like providing banking transfers or delivering essential research content. However, as our report shows, they have not yet managed to escape the “retail consumer look-and-feel” in their digital touch points. For the report we analyzed 15 client-only online and mobile presences of 12 wealth managers worldwide... more

New Report: Banking on the Apple Watch

Despite the rapid market growth of smartwatches, and in particular the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch banking apps are not living up to their promises. This is a key finding in the new report “Banking on the Apple Watch 2015" for which we analyzed and ranked the Apple Watch banking apps offered by 22 leading retail banks worldwide.... more

Report: Crowdfunding and Wealth Management 2015

Analysis of 50 crowdfunding platforms that are of strong relevance to the wealth management industry and in-depth profiles of most relevant... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Banking 2015

The report analyzes and ranks 111 apps for private customers, offered by the 35 leading retail banks worldwide plus 19 apps for Apple Watch... more

Report: Websites for Wealth Management 2015

Analysis of the desktop and mobile websites of 40 leading wealth managers and private banks worldwide.... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2015

The report analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of more than 70 mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide.... more

Robo-Advisors Report 2015

Detailed analysis of 19 individual robo-advisor companies and six new automated services by established financial services companies... more

Report: Digital and Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors 2015

The report details the strengths and weaknesses of 15 vendors in the fields of mobile apps, digital communication, and analytical and social media solutions for financial advisors. ... more
In our latest research report “Social Media for Wea...
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