Our Offer

MyPrivateBanking Research is an independent research firm. We specialize in research and analysis on how financial services firm should develop their websites, social media presences and mobile apps to best serve existing customer and to win new clients. We offer our insights in comprehensive reports as well as customized research, workshops and presentations. 

The founders of MyPrivateBanking have been analyzing the impacts of the Internet and new technologies on business for almost 15 years. Our research stands out with a clear, threefold focus: Internet, Social Media and Mobile as the Technology focus; Financial Services as the industry specialization and the user’s views as the basis for determining our research criteria. This unique combination allows us to serve our clients well with the required insights, evaluations and recommendations to take the right decisions to stay ahead in a highly dynamic market environment. >>> Meet our team

Our research is global in outlook. We believe that user-friendly applications of these new technologies will spread across the globe no matter where they originate from and we’re here to alert our clients to new trends in technology use and ways to profit from them. >>> Learn more about our research process

MyPrivateBanking Research is fully independent and objective in its research. We have to no relation with any financial services or technology vendor and are wholly owned by our management team. We apply a clearly defined and documented research process and are valued for our clear evaluations, judgment calls and recommendations. >>> What our clients think of our work