Research Approach

Our research stands out with a clear, threefold focus: Online, Mobile and FinTech as the Technology focus; Wealth Management/Private Banking as the industry specialization and the User’s perspective as the basis for determining our research criteria. This unique combination allows us to deliver essential insights, evaluations and recommendations to enable our clients to take the right decisions and stay ahead in a highly dynamic market environment. 
Our research is global in outlook. We believe that user-friendly applications of new technologies will spread across the globe no matter where they originate from and we’re here to alert our clients to new trends in technology use and ways to profit from them. 

Our research guidlines:
  1. Taking the Users/Customer View: we see technology as a tool to serve intended users better. Consequently, our research on the benefits of technologies starts with detailed interviews with users, observation of their mobile and online habits and comprehensive surveys.

  2. Employing structured methodologies: from our user research we develop extensive evaluation grids for benchmarking the quality of website, social media and mobile apps presences by financial services provider.

  3. Thorough and objective analysis: Based on the benchmarking analysis and its user-derived criteria our experienced analysts undertake thorough assessments of online and mobile presences of financial services firms. Every criterion is assessed by a minimum of two analysts.

  4. Trend Monitoring: while we evaluate the existing online presences and mobile applications we look ahead as well. We identify best practices, set benchmarks for the future and identify trends by continuous technology scouting and by talking to experts, vendors and early adopters. 

  5. Taking a stand: We believe that the real value of any analysis lies in the clear judgment calls and recommendations we make, based on our objective and data-driven research. Our independence and in-depth knowledge allows us to give our clients straightforward feedback on how to improve their online and mobile offerings.  


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