Report: Mobile Apps For Wealth Management 2016

Wealth Managers Increasingly Offer Dedicated Apps to their Clients
Wealth managers have come to acknowledge the importance of mobile apps: 82 percent provide their clients with apps that cater exclusively and specifically to the needs of HNWIs. The share of exclusive apps for wealthy clients increased significantly compared to our last year’s survey. This is one of the key findings of our report for which we analyzed and ranked, in total, 60 mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide. UBS, Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas top our overall ranking... More >

Investor Survey Report on Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management 2016

Robo-Advisors gain popularity with High-Net-Worth investors
The majority of affluent and high-net-worth individuals recognize the potential of robo-advisors and automated investment services to add value to their wealth management services. This is a main finding of MyPrivateBanking’s recent quantitative panel survey, with insights from 600 affluent and wealthy investors in the US and the UK. More than 70% of overall respondents think that such tools can positively influence their wealth manager’s advice and decision-making process and... More >

Report: Digital Wealth Management Offerings for UHNWs

Super-rich get only poor Digital Services from their Wealth Managers
Digital wealth management for the super-rich today is at a very immature stage. For our new report we analyzed the digital offerings targeted to ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 leading private banks and family offices worldwide. We found few firms who have clearly recognized and reacted to the increasing significance of digital tools for their UHNW clients... More >
Hybrid robo-advisory strategies represent a paradigm shift in the pace and path of change in the wealth management industry. We estimate that hybrid robo services will by 2020 grow to a size of USD 16,300 billion. This number constitutes just over 10% of the total investable wealth in 2025. This is a key finding of our report “Hybrid Robos: how combining human and automated wealth advice delivers superior results and gains market share"... More >

Report: Social Media for Wealth Management 2016

Wealth Managers Need to Better Exploit Social Media
Wealth managers are still slow to effectively make use of the possibilities offered by Facebook, Twitter and other extremely popular social media platforms. For our report we analyzed the social media performance of more than 200 wealth managers worldwide, but found only few that manage to exploit social media’s viral marketing opportunities, such as ... More >

Report: Websites for Fund and Asset Management 2016

Top Fund Managers Slow to Provide Competitive Websites
The websites of the global leaders in fund and asset management fail to meet the highest standards in user experience and interactivity. This is a key finding of the new report which analyzes and ranks the desktop and mobile sites for individual investors of the world’s top 15 fund managers. The fund managers TIAA-CREF, Fidelity and Franklin Templeton top the ranking... More >

New Report: Behind the Login of Wealth Managers Websites

Most Wealth Managers’ Client-Only Websites Disappoint Behind the Login
The secured websites of wealth managers, which require a client login, have mastered basic capabilities like providing banking transfers or delivering essential research content. However, they have not yet managed to escape the “retail consumer look-and-feel” in their digital touch points. We analyzed 15 client-only online and mobile presences of 12 wealth managers worldwide... More >
Despite the rapid market growth of smartwatches, and in particular the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch banking apps are not living up to their promises. This is a key finding in our report for which we analyzed and ranked the Apple Watch banking apps offered by 22 leading retail banks... More >

Report: Crowdfunding and Wealth Management 2015

Crowdfunding: a Major Threat to the Global Wealth Management Industry
Despite the explosive growth and potentially disruptive impacts of crowdfunding on private banks and wealth management companies, interest in crowdfunding on the part of the wealth management industry has remained very low. ... More >
The disruptive effects of robo-advisors and automated investment services to the traditional wealth management industry are growing. Whereas the market development in 2014 was dominated by the launch and growth of start-ups, established wealth managers have started to strike back and are opening up to the robo-trend ... More >