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Research Report on Secure, Client-only Wealth Management Websites and Mobile Apps

Behind the Log-In of Wealth Managers’ Websites and Mobile Apps - Enticing the Wealthy to a Personalized Digital Space

Jan. 17, 2017

Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous: The ultimate report on client-only websites and mobile apps for HNWI


This report tells you all you need to know to develop, optimize and implement secure wealth management websites and mobile apps that are only accessible to clients and which create maximum appeal to the demanding category of wealthy individuals. Our research team analyzed in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the client-only online and mobile presences of 15 leading global wealth managers worldwide (see list below).

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The report provides a complete capability assessment dedicated to each of the 15 wealth managers and outlines recommendations for each functional area and for the wealth management industry as a whole. Based on this thorough, data-driven analysis, the report derives best practices and provides strategic and practical recommendations for creating secure desktop and mobile apps that will satisfy the needs of HNW/UHNW clients.

Wealth managers, banks, IT vendors and consultants will find answers to the following questions:

  • What are our observations of common capability and best practice from the secured online portals and mobile apps of the 15 wealth managers studied, and where are the gaps? 
  • What features and functionalities should a bank’s client solution offer to satisfy the needs of HNW/UHNW clients? 
  • Which features are must-haves of winning wealth management tools and through which features can private banks differentiate themselves from the rest?
  • How can wealth managers successfully balance security with ease of use? 
  • How can the client experience be enhanced through personalization, interactivity and communication?
  • How innovative are the client-only digital spaces and how well do they follow a sound digital strategy?
  • How do exclusive features that create a unique digital experience for HNWIs behind the log-in look?
  • What can be learned from the best practices among the websites and mobile apps that were analyzed? How can firms differentiate through their online offerings?
  • How will client demand and technology development shape the client solutions of the future? What can wealth managers do today to be ready for the evolving digital wealth experience?

Main Content:

  • Capability assessment of the client-only online and mobile presences of 15 wealth managers worldwide based on 20 main criteria
  • 15 summaries of each wealth manager’s secure websites and/or mobile app(s) with screenshots, analysis and evaluation
  • Essential steps towards digital superiority in client-only digital spaces
  • How to achieve a truly personalized user experience for HNW clients
  • Trends and key findings in the evolving digital experience for wealth management clients ‘behind the log-in’
  • Over 20 specific recommendations on how to win clients’ hearts through a thorough digital strategy that is shaped by innovation and rising client expectations
  • In total over 60 visuals including graphs, screenshots and charts
  • Comprehensive data appendix containing thorough evaluations of each wealth manager according to over 20 detailed criteria for secure online spaces and/or mobile app(s) (spreadsheet)
  • An easy-to-understand slide presentation that summarizes key findings for quick sharing.

Analyzed Wealth Managers client-only websites/mobile apps:

Barclays, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Coutts, Credit Suisse, DBS, Investec, Julius Baer, Merrill Lynch, Northern Trust, Pictet, Société Générale, UBS, US Trust, Vontobel


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