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Apple Watch and Banking Report

Banking on the Apple Watch – Time to Deliver Apps that Excite Clients

Nov. 30, 2015

The Ultimate Report on Apple Watch Banking Apps: Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous


This rigorous and detailed report offers an extensive analysis of the current status as well as the future of banking apps offered for the Apple Watch. It contains everything you need to know to develop, optimize and implement a winning banking app strategy for the Apple Watch and other smartwatches.

Our research team of technology and industry experts performed a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Apple Watch apps from 22 leading retail banks worldwide according to nine basic features in the fields of functionalities, features and design. The Apple Watch app products from these banks are ranked and 17 best practices are highlighted. Furthermore, the report offers an Apple Watch action plan for all banks and details what banks can learn from the Apple Watch apps offered by other industries.

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Besides taking a close look at Apple Watch apps, this report explores the wearables market in general and presents some estimation of how it will develop in the next few years, reviewing the digital device landscape and how this development is disrupted by the launch of the Apple Watch. Based on our analysis the study makes a forecast of the Apple Watch upcoming releases and potential best-of-breed solutions to be provided by banks.

The report answers the following questions of interest to banks, wealth managers, fund managers, smartwatch companies, IT vendors and consultants:

  • Which banks are at the forefront of banking apps for the Apple Watch and which ones are lagging behind? What are the characteristics, positive and negative, of the mobile apps offered by 22 leading retail banks worldwide?

  • What content, functionality, design and security measures should an Apple Watch banking app have to catch clients’ attention and satisfy their needs?

  • What can be learned from the best practices found among the Apple Watch banking apps that were analyzed?

  • How can you ensure that your Apple Watch banking app stands out from those of your competitors?
  • In the banking sector, how is the market for Apple Watch banking apps developing and what future needs will clients have?

  • How do developments of Apple Watch apps in other industries impact banking clients’ expectations and what is required to keep pace with the latest trends?

Main Content:

  • Benchmarking and ranking of the Apple Watch banking apps of 22 leading banks worldwide based on 9 fields of evaluation

  • 17 Best Practices for 9 main features of an Apple Watch banking app

  • Banking apps’ overall performance on the Apple Watch

  • Status and future of the smartwatch market and its implications for the banking industry

  • What banks can learn from the Apple Watch apps offered in other industries to optimize their offerings

  • Recommendations on how a winning bank´s Apple Watch app strategy should look

  • Data-appendix of 24 pages containing detailed evaluations of each of the 22 banks according to 9 criteria (spreadsheet)


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