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Benchmarking of Top20-Fund Management Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Fund Management 2014: A critical channel to reach investors

May. 22, 2014

The ultimate report on Mobile Apps in Fund Management: Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous

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Seen in the light of the potential that mobile apps offer to investment fund companies, the small number of companies that have actually invested in apps for investors is truly surprising. Out of the 500 largest fund management companies, currently only a minority turned out to have an information app designed to be used by investors or potential investors in their funds. This is one of the main findings in our 2014 report on mobile solutions for fund management from 20 leading fund managers worldwide. As our research reveals, most fund managers are not prepared for the new challenges and opportunities presented by the mobile world.

This 158-page report tells you all you need to know to develop, optimize and implement a winning fund management app strategy. Our research team of technology and industry experts performed a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the mobile apps of 20 leading fund managers worldwide. (See below for a list of analyzed fund managers.) Our report provides an assessment and recommendations for the mobile app offerings of each fund manager evaluated and for the fund management industry as a whole.

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The report benchmarks the mobile apps offered by each fund manager based on 28 criteria grouped into nine main categories of evaluation: availability of mobile apps; core functions; availability of information; support features for clients; communication; integration with other online media; user friendliness; security and best practices. Based on this thorough, data-driven analysis, the report derives best practices and provides strategic and practical recommendations for creating mobile apps that can engage both existing and new investors.

The report gives fund managers, bank management, IT providers, smartphone companies and consultants answers to the following questions:

  • Which fund management companies have already deployed a mobile app for investors, how long have they been mobile, and how do they perform in terms of top-level functions?

  • What are the characteristics, positive and negative, of the mobile apps offered by the worlds’ top investment fund companies?

  • The basic requirements for a fund manager app; what are the desirable features and the core components that each fund app should incorporate to catch the attention and satisfy the needs of clients and non-clients?

  • What can be learned from the best practices among the mobile apps that were analyzed?

  • How can you ensure that a mobile apps stands out from those of your competitors?

  • How many different mobile apps are required, for which devices and to what software standards?

  • In the fund management sector, how is the market for mobile apps developing and what future needs will clients have? 

Main Content:

  • Which companies are the real mobile leaders in the fund management industry and which individual app features most deserve recognition as best practices

  • Benchmarking and ranking of the mobile applications of 20 leading fund managers worldwide based on 28 criteria

  • 20 comprehensive profiles of app strategies and app portfolios of the leading fund managers, including recommendations for each company

  • 17 Best Practices for following features: availability of apps, innovative add-ons, security, marketing and customer retention, contact features, technical features and support, navigation and interaction

  • Overall findings with regard to most serious shortcomings and most promising opportunities

  • Recommendations on how a winning fund managers´mobile applications strategy should look

  • Data-appendix of 20 pages containing detailed evaluations by bank according to 28 criteria

Analyzed Fund Managers: 

  AMP Capital Franklin Templeton iShares by Blackrock Pictet AM
  Barings Henderson Legg Mason PIMCO
  CM-CIC AM ING fondsen Natixis T. Rowe Price
  DeAWM Active JP Morgan AM Nordea  UBS
  Fidelity  Invesco US Nuveen Vanguard


Price (incl. Corporate License): Euro 2950


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