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European Private Banking Report 2009

Insufficient Client Focus – A Survey of European Private Banks

May. 28, 2009

This free of charge report covers the european market with respect to private banking. We have selected 20 of the most important European private banks based in Switzerland to assess the quality of their customer interface, their investment proposal and the total cost of asset management.

Our analysts have approached those private banks as test clients (mystery shopping) and graded all of them based on these criteria. The results show that most private banks had substantial weaknesses in one or more areas chosen by us for evaluation. We also found that overall there is a large variance among the private banks.  

The report discusses the following areas

  • Inquiry and customer interface
  • Strategic asset allocation 
  • Total costs of wealth management
  • The Top 3 banks in each category and overall
  • Recommendations for private banks and clients
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