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MyPrivateBanking Equity Fund Report 2009

Most Equity Funds of Wealth Managers Disappoint

Oct. 08, 2009

This report (free of charge) aims to analyse and rank the performance of fund managers who are subsidiaries of, owned by, or part of some of the largest global private banks or wealth managers. Wealth managers can demonstrate their competence not only in the long-term performance that they deliver to private clients’ accounts but also by the performance of mutual funds managed by them.

This report provides vital information for assessing which wealth managers are also good equity fund investors:

  • Overall ranking of performance of funds managers associated with the largest wealth managers and private banks

  • Separate rankings for equity funds with focus on US, Europe Asia (ex. Japan) and global coverage

  • Total expense ratios for each funds and on average by regional focus

  • Recommendations for investors

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