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Report on Digital Wealth Management for UHNW Clients 2016

Digital Offerings for Ultra High-Net-Worth Clients - How wealth managers can win and engage the ultra-wealthy online

Mar. 22, 2016


This detailed report tells you all you need to know for developing, optimizing and implementing a winning digital strategy for serving ultra-wealthy clients‘ unique needs.
UHNW clients, defined as those with at least $30million in investable assets, are the most valuable of wealth segments, but are also increasingly diverse and the most complex to serve in today’s rapidly changing, technology-charged environment. The report analyzes the digital offerings targeted to ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 of the largest private banks and family offices worldwide and identifies the leaders of the current digital transformation.

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The evaluation was conducted on the basis of over 25 different criteria describing performance and potential online features, divided into nine functional categories such as exclusive contact or assistance options, education and lifestyle, special online functions and services.
The study describes the current and future digital needs of ultra-wealthy clients and provides several case studies of technology innovation from adjacent industries such as high-end luxury goods and global art. Based on these findings, the report provides a detailed guide on how to engage the elusive elite online, supported by numerous actionable best practices.


The report gives private banks, wealth managers, family offices, IT vendors and consultants answers to the following questions:    

  • Which private banks and wealth managers are at the forefront of digital offerings of to UHNW clients?

  • How should private banks and wealth managers differentiate their offering by providing specific digital services for UHNWIs?

  • Who are the UHNW individuals, who serves them, and what are their needs today and in the future?

  • How big is the gap between the digital offerings of the leading UHNW wealth management firms and other industries serving the super-rich?

  • What specific content, services and functionality should the digital offerings of wealth managers have to attract the attention and satisfy the functional needs of the UHNWs?

  • What can be learned from the wealth manager best practices identified for engaging and attracting UHNWIs?

  • What are the right strategies for wealth managers’ to engage the elusive elite online?

  • What are the learnings for UHNW wealth managers from non-banking brands and other industries digital strategies and innovations?

Main Content

  • Benchmarking and assessment of the digital offerings targeted to ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 leading private banks and family offices worldwide

  • Actual and future needs UHNW clients have from their digital wealth management relationship

  • Gap analysis of the digital offerings of wealth management versus adjacent high-end industries such as luxury goods and travel

  • 15 best practices of digital offerings for UHNWs in the areas of digital strategy and organization, technology adoption and overall touchpoints and targeted digital capabilities and themes

  • Case studies of non-banking brands and other industries digital offerings to the very wealthy

  • Recommendations on how wealth mangers can engage and win UHNWs online

  • In total over 20 visuals including graphs, screenshots and charts

  • Comprehensive data appendix of 14 pages containing thorough evaluations of each firm according to 25 detailed criteria

The report analyzes the UHNWs digital offerings of following firms:

Atlantic Trust, Bessemer Trust, BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Citi Private Bank, Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management, Hawthorn (PNC), HSBC Private Bank, Northern Trust Wealth Management, Pictet, Stonehage Fleming, U.S. Trust, UBS Family Office.




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