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Report on Fund and Asset Managers Websites, Social Media and Mobile Channels for Institutional Investors and Advisors

Fund Managers' Digital Presences for Institutionals and Advisors

Oct. 06, 2016

The Ultimate Report on Fund Managers' Digital Presences for Institutionals and Advisors: Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous


Our research team of technology and industry experts analyzed in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the digital presences of 20 leading fund and asset managers worldwide targeted to institutional investors and advisors. (see list of analyzed fund managers below). In total, 75 websites and more than 40 social media presences were evaluated. The report provides an assessment and recommendations for each digital presence and discusses trends for the fund and asset management industry as a whole.

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The digital presences targeted to institutional investors are benchmarked in detail based on 65 criteria. 
Based on this thorough, data-driven analysis, the report derives 17 best practices and provides strategic and practical recommendations for creating digital presences that can engage both new and existing institutional clients and advisors. Fund manager websites with a focus on the retail market are covered in a separate report.

Fund and asset managers, banks, wealth managers, IT vendors and consultants will find answers to the following questions:

  • What features and functions should a fund manager’s online channels offer to satisfy the needs of both clients and non-clients in the institutional and advisor sector?

  • What are the positive and negative characteristics of the digital presences (website, mobile capabilities and social media presences) targeted at individual investors and advisors by the 20 leading global fund and asset managers?

  • Which fund managers offer the best online journeys for new or prospective clients, and other major use cases for their digital presences? 

  • How can fund managers build a content strategy that is enabling clients to do their jobs better?

  • What future needs will institutional clients have in respect to the digital presences of fund and asset managers? 

  • How do digital developments in other industries impact client expectations and what is required to keep pace with the latest trends? 

  • Who is already addressing mobile users by offering mobile websites and mobile apps?

  • How can fund and asset managers deal with increasing competition fueled robo-advisors and other FinTech companies?

  • How should fund and asset managers’ use social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn best to reach institutional investors and advisors?

The report provides detailed data and analysis of the state and evolution of fund and asset managers' digital presences: 

  • Benchmarking and ranking of the 20 globally leading fund and asset managers digital presences based on 65 detailed criteria.

  • Analysis of 75 websites and more than 40 social media presences that offer information specifically for institutional investors, financial intermediaries and advisors

  • In-depth evaluations of the user-friendliness, the quality of the content; contact and interactivity, social media integration and as well mobile accessibility and availability offered by the digital presences of each fund and asset manager. 

  • 20 comprehensive profiles of each fund manager’s website, mobile capabilities and social media presences with an in-depth analysis and recommendations for each wealth manager

  • 17 best practices of fund managers’ digital strategies/capabilities in the areas of navigation and structure, content and interactivity and social media.

  • Future needs of institutional clients and technological developments and how fund and asset managers’ should adopt the digital presences to stay abreast

  • Guide on how a winning fund manager’s digital strategy for institutional clients and advisors should look and how to implement it

  • PLUS: Comprehensive data appendix of 22 pages containing thorough evaluations of each fund and asset manager according to 65 detailed criteria (spreadsheet)

  • PLUS: Key Insights Deck. An easy-to-understand seven slide presentation that summarizes key findings for quick sharing.

Analyzed Fund and Asset Managers

Allianz Global Investors BNY Mellon Goldman Sachs PIMCO
Amundi Capital Group Invesco State Street Global Advisors
Axa Investment Managers Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management JP Morgan TIAA
BlackRock Fidelity Legal & General UBS
BNP Paribas Investment Partners Franklin Templeton Natixis Vanguard



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