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Top-30 Wealth Managers Social Media Benchmarking 2012

Social Media for Wealth Management

Nov. 27, 2012

The 2012 report on Social Media for Wealth Management and Private Banking: comprehensive, data-driven, rigorous

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Responding to the startling rise of social media to its current pivotal position across the globe, the leading private banks and wealth managers are getting better at deploying certain elements and platforms of social media but, for the most part, they lack effective social media strategies. None of the wealth managers surveyed in our 2012 report has utilized the full potential of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and their own websites for reaching out effectively to affluent users. 

This detailed, 160-page report tells you all you need to know for developing, optimizing and implementing a winning social media strategy in wealth management. Our research team of technology and industry experts analyzed in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the social media presences of the 30 largest private banks and wealth managers worldwide (see analyzed private banking websites below). In total almost 250 social media presences were evaluated. The report provides an assessment and recommendations for each of them and the wealth management industry as a whole.

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Using 32 criteria grouped into 7 main categories of evaluation, the social media activities of each wealth manager are ranked, on the basis of an individual evaluation of each bank’s presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube together with their provision of social media applications on their own websites. Based on this data-driven analysis, the report derives best practices and gives in-depth strategic and specific, practical recommendations for winning over affluent clients through the use of social media.  

The report gives wealth managers, private bankers, IT vendors and consultants answers to the following questions:

  • Which banks and wealth managers are at the forefront of social media activities in wealth management, who are the laggards?
  • What are the positive and negative characteristics of the social media presences offered by the world’s Top 30 wealth managers and private banking providers? 

  • What content and functionality should a wealth manager’s social media have on each of the four main platforms and their own website in order to catch the attention and satisfy the needs of affluent clients and potential clients?

  • What can be learned from the best practices identified from among the social media presences that were analyzed?

  • What are the right strategies for the optimal use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others in wealth management and private banking?

  • How can you ensure your social media presences stand out from those of your competitors?

  • What can be learned from social media activities in other industries?

  • How is the social media world developing and what future needs and expectations will wealthy clients have?

Main Content:

  • Benchmarking and ranking of the social media presence of the world´s Top 30 wealth managers and private banking providers according to 32 criteria 
  • 30 comprehensive profiles of the world’s leading wealth managers’ social media presences including recommendations for each wealth manager

  • 21 Best Practices of social media in wealth management with respect to functionality, content and strategy 

  • Casebook examples of Social Media Best Practices in other industries

  • Recommendations on how a winning wealth manager´s social media strategy should look 

  • Comprehensive data appendix with detailed evaluations of all 30 wealth managers (spreadsheet)

Social Media Presences Analysed:

ABN AMRO Credit Suisse Morgan Stanley
Banco Itaú DBS Northern Trust
Barclays Deutsche Bank  Pictet
BNP Paribas Fidelity  RBC 
BNY Mellon Goldman Sachs Societe Generale
Bradesco HSBC Standard Chartered
Charles Schwab ING  SunTrust
Citigroup Investec U.S.Trust
Coutts Julius Baer UBS
Crédit Agricole Merrill Lynch Wells Fargo


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