Future Trends

Report: Wealthy and Affluent Self-Directed Investors 2017

Wealth managers can keep self-directed investors by giving them control, not by lowering fees

The growth of the self-directed investor (SDI) segment to a third of the global wealth management market reflects a crucial change in the financial services landscape. The report profiles the current self-directed investor and provides wealth managers with key insights necessary for recruiting and retaining these clients. To map out the competitor landscape and offer valuable learning points the report includes a examination of 4 brokers and 3 wealth managers... more >

Report: Digital Wealth Management in Asia

Digital Wealth Management Key to Winning Asian HNWIs

As HNWIs’ wealth continues to grow in Asia, highly dynamic emerging markets like China and India are moving into the focus of digital wealth management. For an in-depth assessment of the current situation and future trends, the report profiles the digital offerings of the ten leading wealth managers in each market. The strengths and weaknesses of each wealth manager’s websites, mobile apps, social media presences and overall digital strategy are evaluated... more >

Report: Digital Leaders in Wealth Management 2016

Majority of wealth managers lack a coherent strategy; few perform robustly across all digital channels

Today, even the digital leaders among the global wealth managers are still providing an uneven digital experience, performing well on one channel, but not as well on others. There is a general lack of a coherent, overarching cross-channel strategy for serving clients. This is a key finding of the report for which we analyzed and ranked the overall digital performance of 20 leading global private banks and wealth managers. The winners of our rankings are UBS and Merrill Lynch, followed by... more >
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