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Free Webinar - Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chatbots - How Financial Institutions Should Employ Virtual Assistants

This exclusive and free seminar provides an easy-to-understand overview of the pros and cons of chatbots for financial institutions. We'll focus on the most pressing questions that financial institutions face when deciding to develop a bot including the following topics:... more >

Report: Leading Robo-Advisors 2016

Robo-Advisory model at a tipping point and only those willing to change will survive

The robo-advisory model is at a tipping point with all current players needing further development if the robo concept is to prove long-lasting. Without further refinement on the part of individual robo-advisors themselves, a substantial portion of current providers will have difficulties succeeding in the long-term. This is one of the main findings of our report for which we analyzed and ranked 30 leading robo-advisors worldwide with Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Indexa Capital and Nutmeg on t... more >

Report: Fund and Asset Managers Digital Presence for Institutionals and Advisors

Fund Managers Struggle with Compelling Digital Offers for Institutional and Advisors

The global leaders in fund and asset management have a lot of catching up to do with regard to their digital strategies targeting institutional investors and intermediaries. This is the key finding of our report for which we analyzed and ranked the relevant digital presences of the 20 leading fund and asset managers worldwide. The overall winner of MyPrivateBankings’s ranking is Invesco, followed by Vanguard and... more >

Report: From Disruption to Innovation in Digital Wealth Management

Wealth Managers Need a Fresh Approach to Innovation to Master the FinTech Challenge

Global wealth managers are embracing innovation, but in many cases they are not really addressing the deep strategic change that is putting the industry under more and more pressure. This is a key finding of this report, for which MyPrivateBanking surveyed 40 executives and innovation leaders of the leading global wealth management and private banking institutions. About 30% of respondents expect their innovation budgets to rise more than 20% within one year, and about half of these expect growt... more >

Report: Robo-Advisors 3.0

For Robo-Advisors a Better Customer Journey Becomes Matter of Survival

Too many robo-advisors demonstrate gaps and weak spots in the critical areas of digital onboarding and client assessment. While the robo phenomenon is here to stay, many of the robo-advisors will not survive. These are main findings of our new report for which we analyzed over 75 active robo-advisors in 13 countries and determined how to create a presence that succeeds in persuading website visitors to sign up as investors and then stay on board... more >

Report: Mobile Apps For Wealth Management 2016

Wealth Managers Increasingly Offer Dedicated Apps to their Clients

Wealth managers have come to acknowledge the importance of mobile apps: More than 80 percent provide their clients with apps that cater exclusively and specifically to the needs of HNWIs. The share of exclusive apps for wealthy clients increased significantly compared to our last year’s survey. This is one of the key findings of our report for which we analyzed and ranked, in total, 60 mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide. UBS, Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas top our overall ranking... more >

Report: Digital Wealth Management Offerings for UHNWs

Super-rich get only poor Digital Services from their Wealth Managers

Digital wealth management for the super-rich today is at a very immature stage. For our new report we analyzed the digital offerings targeted to ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 leading private banks and family offices worldwide. We found few firms who have clearly recognized and reacted to the increasing significance of digital tools for their UHNW clients... more >

Report: Hybrid Robo-Advisors 2016

Hybrid Robos will Manage 10% of Investable Assets by 2025

Hybrid robo-advisory strategies represent a paradigm shift in the pace and path of change in the wealth management industry. We estimate that hybrid robo services will by 2020 grow to a size of USD 16,300 billion. This number constitutes just over 10% of the total investable wealth in 2025. This is a key finding of our report “Hybrid Robos: how combining human and automated wealth advice delivers superior results and gains market share"... more >

Report: Social Media for Wealth Management 2016

Wealth Managers Need to Better Exploit Social Media

Wealth managers are still slow to effectively make use of the possibilities offered by Facebook, Twitter and other extremely popular social media platforms. For our report we analyzed the social media performance of more than 200 wealth managers worldwide, but found only few that manage to exploit social media’s viral marketing opportunities, such as ... more >