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Report: Digital Attitudes of Millennials in Wealth Management

Richest millennials have rigorous digital requirements for their wealth managers

Wealthy millennials are showing some striking contradictions in their digital attitudes towards financial matters, and wealth managers consider these when aiming to win their younger clients’ hearts. This is one main finding of the report for which we conducted a panel survey in the five key markets - the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland - addressing the digital needs and preferences of 1,000 affluent and high-net-worth individuals aged 18 to 34. Our report explores why wealth manage... more >

Free Webinar: November 15, 2017

Big Data for Wealth Management - A Practical Guide for Successful Implementation

In this free webinar we are pleased to share our key findings on how wealth managers can ensure that their Big Data initiatives stand a better chance of success... more >

Webinars on Digital Media in Wealth Management

Free Recordings of Webinars on Reaching Millennials, Chatbots and Account Aggregation in Wealth Management

In our MyPrivateBanking webinar series on the latest digital trends in wealth management we are pleased to share our key findings of selected reports. This following exclusive seminars offers answers on some of the the most pressing questions... more >

Report: Millennials and Digital Wealth Management 2017

Millennials’ net worth will double within five years and they will inherit tremendous fortunes in the decades to come. However, while wealth managers’ existing offerings for the wealthy millennial generation are insufficient, the right digital products can address this deficit effectively. Based on in-depth, face-to-face interviews with wealthy young adults our report explores how digital platforms can ultimately gain the loyalty of this broad and heterogeneous demographic group... more >
Agile Innovation in Wealth Management

In our most recent report Innovation for Wealth Man...

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