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Report: Mobile Apps for Banking 2015

BNP Paribas, DBS Bank, Credit Suisse and Westpac Offer Best Mobile Apps Worldwide

Banking apps are still failing to engage and attract customers, and in today’s fast-paced mobile technology environment, banks remain preoccupied with the provision of core features. This is a key finding in the 2015 report “Mobile Apps for Banking 2015 - Interactivity and Content Make the Difference” for which MyPrivateBanking Research analyzed and ranked 111 apps for private customers, offered by the 35 leading retail banks worldwide plus 19 apps for Apple Watch... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2015

Wealth managers have made little progress over the last year in offering their high-net-worth clientele exclusive mobile apps. Despite the fact that mobile devices are now more popular among high-net-worth individuals than PCs and notebooks. These are the key findings of our report, which benchmarks the mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide and ranks BNP Paribas, Credits Suisse and RBC in the Top 3.... more

Event Presentation 03/2015

Our head of research, Steffen Binder, was recently invited to present our research on the impact of the mobile revolution for wealth management and private banking. We offer members of the MyPrivatebanking Research Community the main charts on the trends, usage numbers, best practices and conclusions for free. ... more

Briefing 05/2015

The Apple Watch has been described as watch-like, but more of an extension to a phone. Will it evolve from this and will it play a leading role as part of a broader wearables trend thanks to Apple’s leading edge marketing?... more

Report: Digital and Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors 2015

Wealth managers’ traditional model of providing financial advice is under attack by computer software with increasingly cognitive abilities. But wealth managers can fend off these threats by applying the right technology themselves. The report details the strengths and weaknesses of 15 vendors in the fields of mobile apps, digital communication, and analytical and social media solutions for financial advisors. ... more

Global Survey of Mobile Disruption in Wealth Management 2014

Wealthy Shifting Financial Matters to Mobile Channels - Chinese HNWI Digital Winners Worldwide

More than 80% of the affluent/high-net-worth individuals worldwide use apps or mobile websites for financial matters. The Chinese are the most advanced users of mobile technology when it comes to their financial affairs. For instance, 96% of Chinese respondents are using mobile apps for financial transactions and information, whereas this proportion is only 74% in the US and 71% in Germany. These striking outcomes are among the results of MyPrivateBanking's new report ... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2014

Wealth Managers Need Better Apps to Tap into Mobile High-Net-Worth Generation

The majority of wealth managers equip clients with mobile solutions that offer only basic functions with simple features and support. More advanced functions to cater for clients’ needs for investing and communication and for customer retention are still lacking. These are the key findings of our report, which benchmarks the mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide and ranks DBS Bank, Citi Private Bank, BNP Paribas and Northern Trust in the Top 3... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Fund Management 2014

Only 10% of Fund Managers Worldwide Offer Mobile Apps

The vast majority of leading fund managers lack effective mobile apps strategies. This is one of the main finding of our new report "Mobile Apps for Fund Management 2014 - A critical channel to reach investors", which analyzes the mobile apps of 20 leading wealth managers worldwide and ranks Invesco, Franklin Templeton and Vanguard in the Top 3... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Banking 2014

Little Progress in the Evolution of Mobile Apps for Banking

Only a small number of leading retail banks have made significant progress in their mobile app offerings since last year’s report. Most banks are stagnating, showing an incomplete app portfolio with limited integration into everyday business processes and still treating their mobile channel as a ‘nice-to-have. The winners of our 2014 ranking are DBS Bank and BNP Paribas. Runners up are UBS and Westpac.... more

Mobile Apps for Advisors

Mobile Apps for Advisors... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors 2014

Mobile solutions for financial advisors have made significant strides in the development of their revolutionary potential as an engine of change in wealth management industry. This is the main finding of the report “Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors 2014” by Swiss research company MyPrivateBanking Research, which analyzes the mobile solutions for financial advisors offered by 14 leading software vendors.... more

Free Sample Report

Get to know more about MyPrivateBanking-Reports by previewing a full report for free.This 2012 reports provides a sample of the format, methodology and content of our benchmarking reports. ... more

MyPrivateBanking Lunch Presentation in Zurich, Nov. 6th, 2013

On November 6th, MyPrivateBanking Research will host a lunch presentation on the best use of mobile apps to reach and engage wealthy clients. The reception and presentation will take place in Zurich, Switzerland. The event is free and you can register here... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2013

Wealth Managers are making significant progress towards providing their wealthy clients with apps that equip them for a mobile world and yet there remain critical shortcomings in the range of mobile functions offered. These are key findings of the new report “Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2013” for which MyPrivateBanking Research analysed and ranked, in total, more than 100 mobile apps of 30 leading wealth managers worldwide.... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors 2013

Mobile solutions for financial advisors to support client interaction and the potentially most rewarding developments in the wealth management sector. The MyPrivateBanking Research report analyses the mobile solutions for financial advisors offered by ten leading software vendors.... more

Apps lack functions to register and track claims

Mobile Apps of insurance companies fail at providing the most basic interactive functions for the user, such as features to ask for an offer/quote, register a claim and check the status of their claim. As a result the insurers forgo their mobile apps’ potential to support clients in their time of need as well as losing opportunites to win new clients.... more

Report: Mobile Apps for Insurance 2012

Insurance Companies Miss Potential of Mobile Apps

Adoption of mobile apps in the insurance industry is still at a very early stage. For our new report we benchmarked a total of more than 100 apps offered by 30 leading insurance companies worldwide. The overall winner of the app ranking is the French AXA insurance group, followed by the AEGON group in second place and AVIVA in third. But less than 10% of global insurers have comprehensive app strategy ... more

Mobile Apps Survey

Of the 10 most important features user expect of their banking mobile apps, for only three is provision by the banks adequate. This is a leading finding of a survey by MyPrivateBanking Research, in which we compared the features integrated into the mobile apps from world’s 50 top banks with the needs voiced by the users of banking apps. ... more

2011 Mobile Applications Report

The mobile applications of Deutsche Bank and the French bank Caisse d'Epargne come out as winners in a benchmarking of a total of almost 200 mobile apps, offered by the world´s top 50 banks. Scoring 40 points out of 60 with just a single app, Bank of China is the winner in the category of best standalone banking app. Surprisingly, only one US-based bank has made it into the Top10 of... more

MyPrivateBanking Survey

Wealth Managers Slow to Adopt Mobile Apps

New research by MyPrivateBanking Research finds that only half of the world’s 30 most important banks and wealth managers offer mobile applications for their clients. Even worse, only three providers (10%) go beyond applications related to online banking.... more