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New Report: Social Media in Banking and Wealth Management

Global Wealth Managers Remain Weak in Social Media, while Retail Banks Show Better Results

Over the last two years banks have improved their overall presence in social media, But the bad news is that the banks’ social media activities are unevenly distributed. The wealth managerment divisions have only marginally improved. Just 40% of the 20 leading wealth managers worldwide have a presence on Facebook, while 50% are active on Twitter and 73% can boast a LinkedIn page. These relatively poor results are lagging far behind the level of social media activities in the retail banking arena... more

Report: Social Media for Wealth Management 2013

The banks Barclays, Coutts and Wells Fargo offer the best social media presences for their wealthy clients, but overall the quality of the social media activites by wealth managers did not improve noticeably over the course of the last year. These are main findings of MyPrivateBanking's third global ranking of the social media presences of 30 leading wealth managers for which, in total, almost 500 social media presences were evaluated. ... more

Report: Social Media for Wealth Management 2012

Wealth Managers Lacking Social Media Strategy

The majority of leading private banks and wealth managers lack effective social media strategies. This is the main finding of our 2012 report, which analyzes the social media activities of the 30 leading wealth managers services worldwide and ranks Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank and Coutts in the Top3... more

A Case Study of Deutsche Bank

The new MyPrivateBanking Research Brief identifies and discusses crucial success factors for social media in banking. Deutsche Bank's global social media presences are used for an in-depth case study that clarifies the necessary steps and challenges to achieve outstanding results in social media. ... more

Social Media in Banking Survey

Overall, global banks have presences on all major social media, however, especially on Facebook, by far most popular network, they are doing worse than with other social media. According to our recent survey the world’s top 50 banks received on average only 67 out of 100 possible points for their Facebook presences compared with 84 points for their LinkedIn profiles.... more

Social Media Analysis

The Regulatory Minefield in Social Media and Banking

One of the areas that is giving many banks around the world a headache in social media are regulatory and compliance issues. In this analysis we pinpoint the issues that are especially critical... more

Report: Social Media in Banking 2012

Most Banks Struggle with Social Media

Only a select group of the world’s leading banks have finally grasped the opportunities of social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to their retail customers. In our ranking of the world's top 50 banks Citibank comes out as winner. Runners up are BBVA of Spain and the National Australia Bank. A disappointing third of the benchmarked global banking players still only attain... more

Analysis by Steffen Binder, Research Director

In his seminal work, ‘Competitive Strategy’, the world-renowned Prof. Michael Porter has identified five major forces that shape competition and success for the players in every industry. If you look at social media through the perspective of these five forces, the consequences they unleash for the competitive dynamic in the banking sector become very clear.... more

New MyPrivateBanking Report

Most Banks and Wealth Managers Ignore Facebook, Twitter & Co.

60% of surveyed Wealth Managers have either no activity or are only sporadically active on social networks – Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole and BNP have the best social media presences.... more