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  • What distinguishes MyPrivateBanking Research reports? Technologies are changing fast, each industry is different and customers in every sector have specific needs. This is even more true of the highly dynamic social media and mobile apps technologies and the complex financial services sector and its customers. We understand all three parameters, because we have focused solely on them from the start. Our reports can build on the vast amount of know-how and experience we have in-house. Our clients appreciate that, due to our focus, we understand their needs as well as those of their clients, when evaluating technological developments.

  • How does MyPrivateBanking Research ensure independence and objectivity? ?Our business success depends on the integrity of our research. We have no corporate connections to any financial services or technology provider and are fully owned by the management team. Our analysts develop their evaluations and recommendations without external influence and pressure. We have a strict Code of Conduct that our analysts are required to observe, including a ban on accepting reimbursements from companies covered. MyPrivateBanking also has no vested interest in whether a particular technology or business succeeds or fails. As a consequence our research is unbiased and our insights and advice are ones our clients can trust.
  • How can I purchase a report? Please select the report you want to purchase on our order form and fill in your contact data and preferred payment method. After we receive your order we will send you a mail asking for your confirmation of the order (to prevent false orders) by a short mail from your company E-Mail account. Once we received this confirmation we will mail you the report. If you wish to take out a subscription to our reports, please contact us directly to discuss terms.
  • Do you offer more than reports? We offer the presentation of the findings in our research fields in presentations and workshops.
  • What are the qualifcations of the MyPrivateBanking Research Team: The founders and research heads of MyPrivateBanking Research are pioneers in the field of internet research. As early as 1996 they started to analyse internet trends and their application to business. With this early stage research advantage they founded and successfully developed FORIT, the first research company solely focussing on the internet as a business channel for the german-speaking region. After the acquisition of FORIT by the leading research firm Forrester Research in 2000, the founders of MyPrivateBanking took executive research positions at Forrester,  focussing on internet research for the financial services industry. Then, with more than 10 years of focussed research experienced, they launched MyPrivateBanking, to give scope to concentrating on the fast developing trends in social media and mobile apps.
  • Why should I join the Online Community? By joining our online community you will have a place to discuss your current challenges with both like-minded professionals and our analysts. You can look for new ideas, solutions for problems and voice your opinion, either by joining or starting a group discussion or by contacting another member directly.

  • What happens with the information I provide during registration? ?You can choose if you wish to disclose any of the basic information we require at registration to other members. We would encourage you to do that as well as adding additional information on your profile page. This allows members to search for others in comparable situations and facilitates linking up with users who have similar interests and concerns.
  • I am a journalist; can I use the information from your website? ?You can use any information from either our website or our research provided you refer to MyPrivateBanking Research as the source. If you have any specific requests in relation to our research please contact us directly by phone or our contact form.

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Please feel free to contact us with any further questions through our contact form on the website.
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