Research Report on Digital Innovation for Wealth Management

The report illustrates the state of innovation in wealth management by identifying and detailing the resources, means, objectives and areas for innovation and how wealth managers measure innovation success. The research is based upon 43 structured interviews with managers and executives of large, international private banks and wealth managers worldwide, plus in-depth qualitative interviews with a select group of digital leaders in the wealth management industry.... more >

Research Report on Investors Attitudes Towards Robo-Advisors in Key Wealth Management Markets

This comprehensive report tells you all you need to know about the behaviors, attitudes and needs of the wealthy with respect to robo-advice in the key private wealth markets—the US, UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland. The data-driven report explores investors’ attitudes towards specific features of online investment platforms and the level of openness towards robo usage and digital advice in general. The report is based on a quantitative panel survey with a total of 1000 randomly selected mas... more >

Research Report on leading Robo-Advisors and Automated Investment Services worldwide

This 169-page report identifies 31 leading pure and hybrid robo-advisors worldwide and subjects their offerings, digital platforms and market positioning to rigorous empirical assessment. It analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of each robo-advisor according to more than 50 criteria under the following headline topics: client onboarding, financial planning, portfolio management, client coaching, client engagement & retention, and best practices. In addition, this report includes profi... more >

Big Data for Wealth Management, Private Banking and Financial Services

This 75-page report analyzes why Big Data projects in the financial services sector are often less successful than intended, and what wealth managers can do to ensure that their Big Data initiatives stand a better chance of success. The report profiles a group of 30 vendors who cater to a range of Big Data needs of wealth managers. And presents five case studies and learning points on how the main Big Data needs are addressed in different industries.... more >

Research Report on Automated and Digital Account Aggregation in Banking and Wealth Management 2017

This report offers the required data, analysis and recommendations on how wealth managers can take advantage of new automated account aggregation technology. The report analyzes in-depth the status, trends and drivers in account aggregation in the US, Europe and Asia and compares the strengths and weaknesses in current automated account aggregation. Additionally, the report includes a detailed evaluation of leading account aggregation platforms and vendors. ... more >

Research Report on Chatbots and Virtual Assistants for Banking and Wealth Management 2016

Our 139-page report investigates the ways chatbots are already used in banking and wealth management and explores how they will revolutionize the future client interaction. For our assessments and recommendations, we screened more than 100 established banks and wealth managers to identify and analyzes the 35 most advanced and innovative chatbots and virtual assistants. In addition the report evaluates state-of-the-art chatbots by 9 FinTechs and challenger banks and as well the offerings of 8 bo... more >

Research Report on leading Robo-Advisors worldwide

This report offers a detailed and comprehensive benchmarking of 30 leading robo-advisors and automated investment services worldwide according to 39 criteria and derives highly valuable learning points. It analyzes what is necessary to succeed as a robo-advisor and how traditional financial services firms can react to the ever growing robo-advisor challenge. ... more >

Digital Innovation in Wealth Management Report 2016

This report provides wealth managers and banks with the data and analysis they need to make the right decisions on how best to focus their innovation efforts and budgets to master the FinTech challenge. The research is based on a survey of 40 innovation leaders of leading global wealth managers. It identifies and details the resources, means, objectives and areas for innovation and highlights ten examples of disruption related to wealth management.... more >

Report: Creating Robo-Advisors that Win and Keep Customers in Banking, Wealth and Fund Management

The report takes a detailed look on how robo-advisors can create a presence that succeeds in persuading website visitors to sign up as investors and then stay on board. The report examines the characteristics, business models, and strengths and weaknesses of 76 active robo-advisors worldwide and provides detailed answers and data on how to optimize the individual on boarding stages. In addition, the report offers strategies to appeal to different segments and analyzes the impact of new technolog... more >

Investor Survey Report on Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management 2016

The report is based on a quantitative panel survey among 600 mass affluent, affluent and high-net-worth individuals in the UK and the UK. The report analyzes the behaviors, attitudes and needs of the wealthy in respect to robo-advice. Besides exploring investors’ attitudes towards specific features of online investment platforms, the survey tests brand awareness and the level of openness towards innovation in this field.... more >

Hybrid Robo-Advisors for Wealth Management and Banking Report 2016

This rigorous and detailed report tells you all you need to know for assessing this new stage in the evolution of robo-advisors, the strengths and weaknesses and lessons to be learned from of a selection of existing hybrid robo-advisor innovators and the implications for conventional wealth managers. This is complemented by the MyPrivateBanking’s market projections and five case studies of hybrid robo innovators.... more >

Crowdfunding and Wealth Management Report 2015

The explosive growth of crowdfunding poses substantial opportunities and threats to wealth managers. This 159-page report explores, analyzes and profiles in-depth 14 crowdfunding platforms that are of strong relevance for the wealth management industry in the sectors of donation and reward-based crowdfunding, marketplace lending, P2B lending and equity crowdinvesting. Furthermore, the report offers an extensive analysis of the status and future of crowdfunding markets in wealth management... more >

Research Briefing April 2015

Gamification has developed into an important tool for financial services firms to reach out to clients, prospects, job seekers, employees and other stake-holders. However, so far the wealth management industry has shown utmost caution in adopting this new digital approach and we have identified only a very limited number of cases. This brief encourages wealth management firms to use gamification as part of their digital strategy, it shows best practice cases and suggests strategic recommendation... more >

Robo-Advisors Report 2015

The disruptive effects of robo-advisors and automated investment services to the traditional wealth management industry are on the rise. This 201-page report analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of 19 individual robo-advisor companies according to 48 criteria. In addition, it evaluates six new automated services by established financial services companies and as well seven companies that are active as technology or platform providers. ... more >

Robo-Advisors Report 2014

Even though robo-advisors are only just getting started as players in the wealth management industry, their presence is likely to be the cause of severe turbulence for traditional wealth managers. This 121-page report has identified 14 leading robo-advisors and analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of each of them according to 48 criteria and rank their potential threat to conventional wealth management. It provides recommendations on how conventional wealth managers can benefit... more >
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