Flash Reports

Flash Report (12/2017): Goals-Based Wealth Management

In an environment where the financial industry is disrupted by new technologies, goals-based investing can be a way to add value to the service proposition of wealth managers, deepen the client relationship, and capture and retain new customers. As we will outline in this flash report, fortunately wealth managers have a strong competitive advantage when it comes to implementing goals-based investing with innovative digital tools.... more >

Flash Report (11/2017): Building the Perfect Robo

Automated advice is one of the biggest trends in retail banking as well as in digital wealth management. While competition is heating up and automated investment platforms are becoming one of the major disruptors in today’s financial markets, established financial players are feeling more pressure to jump on that train, too. Looking at the detailed results of our latest reports on robo-advisors and how the best performing robos convinced in the areas of onboarding, financial planning, portfolio ... more >

Flash Report (10/2017): Cloud Computing for Wealth Management

As the digital wealth management ecosystem grows to encompass all parts of the firm, cloud computing has become an alternative to expensive in-house technological infrastructure solutions. While there are clear benefits of using the cloud, there are also some drawbacks such as security concerns and the need to comply with complex regulatory strictures. This Flash Report examines its key advantages and disadvantages and explores two case studies in the wealth management sector.... more >

Flash Report (7/2017): Artificial Intelligence and Wealth Management

For the past few years, we have been hearing about the imminent AI ‘take over’ and how this technology will disrupt the financial services sector. Despite many alarming predictions about the impact of AI on financial services, there remain many questions as to what AI is and what it actually means in a wealth management context. This flash reports provides an overview and examples of the types of AI technologies currently in use in wealth management.... more >

Flash Report (2017/5)

FinTech has received a lot of media attention. However, this attention focused mostly on customer-facing technology. Given the ever increasing regulatory requirements in the financial services industry, the automatization of compliance related tasks through technology makes a lot of sense. RegTech, a subset of this development, is still in its early stages and is only starting to receive attention. The report will give a brief introduction and then highlight some of the most innovative startups.... more >

Flash Report (2017/4)

Growing opportunities for wealth managers can be found with "silver" clients over the age of 60, who feel financially underserved due to digitals shift in financial institutions’ marketing strategies ignoring their needs and preferences. This flash report presents examples on silver generation suitable digital solutions and examines how banks and wealth managers can engage clients by helping them to use the digital medium to simplify their day-to-day financial issues.... more >

Flash Report (2017/3)

Blockchain is currently being discussed as the next big disruptive force in finance but wealth management has thus far remained on the sidelines of the debate over this technology. This flash report present the contours of the debate with a focus on wealth management and identifies use cases for blockchain in wealth management. ... more >

Flash Report - Trends in Digital Wealth Management 2017

2017 promises to be a year of continued change and upheaval, much of this centering on the digitization of the field. This flash report identifies the ten trends in digital wealth management to watch.... more >

Flash Report (2017/1)

Firms like Schwab and Morgan Stanley have realized that embracing automated investing technology and combining it with already existing assets like an established client base and experienced advisors will enable them to beat “pure” robo advisors in terms of the client experience. This flash report takes a closer look at the latest hybrid trends and compares the offerings of various hybrid roboadvising services.... more >

Flash Report (2016/8)

The online banking industry in China has seen profoundly dynamic development since 2015. Although China’s knowledge of technical advances and the gradual innovation of financial services has slipped under the radar of many Western analysts, the country has in fact seen tremendous progress in terms of attainability and modernity of the financial services sector. These flash reports identifies the players, prospects and trends.... more >

Flash Report (2016/7)

Banks are getting worried about a new phenomenon on the retail banking market: digital-only or challenger banks. An increasing number of these service providers will soon receive their banking licenses, which puts them into a position to actually compete with traditional players. This flash report analyses areas where digital banks can win over established players’ services and provides recommendation on how banks can build a strong defense against these new, aggressive competitors.... more >

Flash Report (2016/6)

The coming of age of the Millennial generation needs to be reflected in a series of strategic adaptations to the digital strategy of wealth managers, and the sooner the better. The technical possibilities of FinTech can enable wealth managers to efficiently improve their value proposition to (not just) Millennial clients and ultimately justify their fees. This flash report analyzes the future of wealth management in a millennial world.... more >

Flash Report (2016/5)

State-of-the-art communication channels and tools are key elements in the developing value proposition for a young generation of wealth management clients. Whilst the readiness for in person meetings is declining, advisors need to embrace other client-friendly touch points for communication that best cater for their clients’ busy life-style, life-events (employment, marriage, starting a family) and shifting financial goals. This flash presents three examples for advanced collaboration tools.... more >

Flash Report (2016/4)

Financial services applications of A.I. (“Artificial Intelligence”) techniques are growing and extending rapidly. Banks are using A.I. to enhance customer service, monitor payments and improve compliance. Many of these uses will also benefit wealth management. The flash report illustrates the different A.I. techniques being used and an overview of how they are relevant to retail/private traders and investors today. It also investigates the potential impact and benefits of A.I. for wealth manager... more >

Flash Report (2016/3)

Many robo-advisors of the first generation offer relatively simplistic, cookie-cutter-style platforms to channel and support clients’ investment decisions. However, one of the keys to success in this area is the ability to truly understand and cater to the deep needs and passions of a client base that is highly heterogeneous and diverse. This flash presents two examples of an ever-growing market that is disrupting the way people build, monitor, and rebalance investment portfolios.... more >

Flash Report (2016/2)

Financial service providers, especially wealth managers, can no longer rely on the traditional business model of targeting high net worth clients with a high-touch and high-cost approach. Major demographical changes come with a new generation of investors. This flash report identifies the reasons why fund and wealth managers need to think about marketing automation and how wealth managers can increase the conversion capabilities of their websites.... more >

Flash Report (2016/1)

For more than 20 years authentication mechanisms in online banking and brokerage have essentially stayed the same while Internet and mobile technology in other areas has changed rapidly. Banking and brokerage clients are sick and tired of typing in complicated passwords or using arcane token technology to access their online or mobile banking platforms. This brief identifies five steps how to make authentication a highly positive user experience... more >

Flash Report (2015/12)

Gamification has developed into an important tool for financial services firms to reach out to clients, prospects, job seekers, employees and other stake-holders. However, so far the wealth management industry has shown utmost caution in adopting this new digital approach and we have identified only a very limited number of cases. This brief encourages wealth management firms to use gamification as part of their digital strategy, it shows best practice cases and suggests strategic recommendation... more >

Flash Report (2015/11)

Will the momentum being added with the Apple Watch will lead to a tipping point for users and the way they manage their finances and wealth with mobile technology. This brief looks at the potential of the Apple Watch to be useful for mobile banking and wealth management. It will also give a broader perspective on the use in the banking sector.... more >
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