Research Reports

Research report on smart speakers for wealth management

This report identifies the banks and wealth managers who are leading the industry in adopting voice interfaces for their client servicesand explores the drivers for future growth and forecasts the use of smart speakers for financial matters.The report also details the best strategy for integrating smart voice into the digital wealth management ecosystem both generally and by specific function: authentication, personal financial management, portfolio management, investing, information, contact an... more >

Report: Impact of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Banks and Wealth Managers

This 13-page flash report explores the various articles of the GDPR as they impact the banking industry at large, as well as specific provisions that should be noted by private wealth managers. The report breaks GDPR down into clear and understandable language and provides examples of what the provisions mean in real terms.... more >

Research Report: What Women Expect from Digital Wealth Management - Global Survey of Affluent and HNW Women in Five Key Wealth Management Markets

Digital services tailored to female HNWIs offer significant opportunities for wealth managers and this report provides strategic and practical advice on how wealth managers can employ the right digital tools and channels to reach this highly important client segment. The report explores how affluent and wealthy women in five key markets—the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland—digitally behave when managing their assets.... more >

Flash Report: Cryptocurrencies for Wealth Management

This 21-page flash report examines cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles in order to help wealth managers understand the risks and opportunities on offer—for instance, Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Futures. The report includes detailed insight into the pros and cons of eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally as well as five different crypto investment vehicles.... more >

Research Report on Digital Attitudes of Millennials in Wealth Management

The report identifies the differences in attitudes between millennials and older generations as well as between millennial wealth brackets, and explores how affluent and wealthy millennials in the five key markets—the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland—digitally behave when managing their assets and what they expect from the digital offerings of their wealth managers and robo-advisor platforms. ... more >

Report: Wealthy Self-Directed Investors and Implications for Banks, Wealth Managers and Online Brokers

The growth of the self-directed investor (SDI) segment to a third of the global wealth management market, along with the move away from the advisory or discretionary mandate, reflects a crucial change in the financial services industry. The report profiles the current self-directed investor and and provides banks and wealth managers with key insights necessary for developing products, services and digital functionalities needed to please this crucial client segment. To map out the competitor... more >

Research report on digital, mobile, online offerings by wealth managers targeted at UHNW clients

Wealth managers for the super-rich are largely missing out on digital opportunities to attract and engage their high-end clientele. Only a few firms have clearly recognized and reacted to the increasing digital needs of their ultra-wealthy clients. This report evaluates and ranks the digital offerings targeted at UHNW clients by 12 leading wealth managers worldwide. In addition, for concrete and actionable examples on how wealth managers can better serve the ultra-rich with respect to digital, t... more >

Research Report on Digital Wealth Management in Asia with Focus on China and India

The report focuses on Asia’s leading emerging wealth management markets in China and India and pictures the unique market conditions and why they are predestined for digital wealth management offerings. For an in-depth assessment of the current situation, the report profiles and evaluates the digital offerings of the ten leading wealth managers in China and India. The report performs a thorough analysis of their digital offerings and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of their websites, mob... more >

Research Report on How Digital Tools Support Financial and Wealth Management Advisors

Digital technology is contributing to a major shift in the role of financial advisors and their efficiency. This report analyzes the status, trends and drivers in the digitalization of wealth advisor function, presents case studies to show digitalization initiatives working out in practice and gives essential recommendations for wealth managers on how to take advantage of the technological opportunities to improve advisor efficiency and client satisfaction. ... more >

Research Report on How Wealth Managers can Reach Millennials and the Next Generation Clients with Digital Wealth Management

There is general inadequacy in the digital offers provided by wealth managers to members of the millennial generation that come from an affluent or high-net-worth background. The report identifies five different segments of wealthy millennials and details the needs, preferences and expectations with respect to their wealth managers’ offline and online offerings. In addition, the report presents case studies of wealth managers’ current offerings tailored to the millennial generation and gives ess... more >

Research Report on Secure, Client-only Wealth Management Websites and Mobile Apps

The report analyses in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the client-only online and mobile presences of 15 leading global wealth managers worldwide. The detailed and systematic assessment of the websites and mobile apps "behind the log-in" uncovers their strengths and weaknesses and identifies industry best practices in terms of functionality, content, and digital strategy. ... more >
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