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03.12.2014 Fending off the robos: New technologies reinventing the client/advisor relationship

Barclays, UBS and Société Générale top overal ranking

26.11.2014 Wealthy Shifting Financial Matters to Mobile Channels

Wealth Chinese Digital Winners Worldwide

17.09.2014 Asset Managed by Robo-Advisors will Skyrocket to $255 billion

Robo-Advisors Wealthfront, Personal Capital and Betterment Top Ranking

09.09.2014 Mobile Wealth Management Websites Trail Far Behind Desktop Web

ABN AMRO, Société Générale, Coutts and Investec Top Ranking

12.06.2014 Wealth Managers Need Better Apps to Tap Mobile HNWIs

DBS, Citi Private Bank and BNP offer best mobile apps

22.05.2014 Only 10% of Fund Manager Worldwide offer Mobile Apps

Invesco, Franklin Templeton and Vanguard offer best mobile apps

07.05.2014 Little Progress in the Evolution of Mobile Apps for Banking

BNP Paribas, DBS Bank and UBS offer Best Mobile Apps

02.12.2013 No Progress in Wealth Managers' Social Media Activities

Barclays, Coutts and Wells Fargo offer Best Presences

08.11.2013 Wealth Managers' Websites Getting Better

ABN AMRO, Barclays and Coutts Websites Top Ranking

03.09.2013 Wealth Managers' E-Publications Struggle to Reach Clients

UBS, Credit Suisse and Wells Fargo offer best newsletters, electronic magazines and digital access

04.07.2013 Too Few Mobile Apps Tailored for Wealth Management Clients 

Credit Suisse, Société Générale and ABN AMRO with best mobile app offerings for high net worth individuals

10.04.2013 Banking Apps - A Few Excellent, Majority Still Offerings Basics Only

DBS and Capital One offer the best mobile apps - Société Générale, Westpac and ABN Amro in Top 5

15.03.2013 Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors Gain Traction

Mobile Solutions Rapidly Becoming an Industry Disruptive Force, Improving Wealth Management Process Substantially

28.11.2012 Wealth Managers Lacking Social Media Strategy

Individual presences getting better but only 20% of wealth managers have a systematic approach - Charles Schwab, Deutsche Bank and Coutts Top Ranking

21.11.2012 Insurance Mobile Apps No Help to Clients Then When They Really Need Them

Auto insurance apps score best - majority of all apps lack functions to register and track claims

03.10.2012 Wealth Managers' Websites Still Don't Win Clients

ABN AMRO, UBS and RBC offer best sites – Majority of websites still miss crucial data and social media integration

05.09.2012 Insurance Companies Miss Potential of Mobile Apps

Less than 10% of global insurers have comprehensive app strategy – Axa, State Farm, Humana, Aegon top rankings

18.04.2012 Global Report: Most Retail Banks Struggle With Social Media

Just a handful of banks with cutting-edge social media presences – Citibank tops ranking

20.03.2012 Survey: Banking Apps Weak on Many Features Users Look For

Majority of Banks only offer basic features - Security big weakness

21.11.2011 Global Banks Offer Surprisingly Few Good Mobile Apps

Deutsche Bank, Caisse d´Epargne and Bank of China have the best mobile apps for private clients

06.07.2011 Private Investors should Avoid Internet IPOs

Same banks, business models and promises might lead to same, disasterous results

31.05.2011 Wealth Managers Slow to Adopt Mobile Apps

Half of the major Banks and Wealth Managers do not offer Mobile Applications

18.05.2011 Wealth Managers Shun Transparency

Only 22% of providers offer data on fees, 10% publish performance figures

06.04.2011 New Report: Majority of Private Websites Not User-friendly, Lacking Relevant Content

Best Private Banking Websites: UBS, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch

04.11.2010 Most Wealth Managers ignore Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole and BNP Paribas have the best social media presence

04.03.2010 Privacy Vulnerable on Private Banking Websites

60% of surveyed providers offer no secure website messaging on public websites

04.03.2010 Privacy Vulnerable on Private Banking Websites

60% of surveyed providers offer no secure website messaging on public websites

17.12.2009 Best Private Banking Websites: UBS, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse

Majority of Wealth Managers showed shortcomings in their websites usuability, content and privacy.


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