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Digital Solutions for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

Digital and Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors 2015

Mar. 03, 2015

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Wealth managers’ traditional model of providing financial advice is under attack by computer software with increasingly cognitive abilities, but they can fend off these threats by applying the right technology and even gain a competitive advantage by the effective collaboration of digital and mobile solutions with human advice. New innovations do not stop at enhanced features of mobile apps for advisors. A whole breed of FinTech-start-ups provide solutions for wealth managers that offer a host of new communication and analytical capabilities lifting client service to new levels beyond mobile apps. 

This rigorous and detailed report tells you all you need to know to assess how an optimal digital and mobile solution for financial advisors should look. The report details the strengths and weaknesses of 15 key players in the fields of mobile apps, digital communication, and analytical and social media solutions for financial advisors. Banks and wealth managers will receive a hands-on guide on how to ensure they find the best provider for their needs, while vendors can access recommendations for improving their mobile solution offerings for financial advisors.

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This 144-page report has identified 15 vendors with digital and mobile solutions for wealth managers and financial advisors. Mobile solutions for financial advisors are analyzed for the presence of 45 functions grouped in 10 categories, such as CRM, onboarding, financial planning, portfolio management, reporting and client communication. Digital communications solutions for financial advisors are evaluated against 15 criteria each and social media solutions along 8 headline functions.

The report is based on in-depth interviews with twelve of the vendors covered, supported by a thorough verification process. In addition, representatives of ten leading wealth managers worldwide have been interviewed on this topic. The report is not commissioned by a vendor or bank and has been conducted fully independently. 

The report gives vendors, wealth managers, banks, financial advisors and consultants answers to the following questions:

  • What do advisors and their clients expect from digital and mobile solutions for supporting the advisory and interaction process?

  • Which features and functions should digital and mobile solutions have to satisfy the needs of both advisors and clients? 

  • What are the features, strengths and weaknesses of the digital and mobile solutions for financial advisors offered by the 15 covered technology vendors?

  • Who are the six “Leading Vendors” in the fields of mobile apps, digital communication, and analytical and social media solutions for financial advisors that contain particularly innovative and/or unique features?

  • Which vendors offer the best solutions to satisfy the needs of particular categories of advisors and clients?

  • How should wealth managers and banks evaluate which digital and mobile solution is best for them?

  • What are the key questions banks and wealth managers should ask themselves and potential vendors in the selection process and the implementation phase? 

  • How should vendors improve their digital and mobile solution offerings?

  • What are the most important trends in digital wealth management technology vendors as well as banks should keep an eye on?

Main Content:

  • 15 comprehensive profiles of digital and mobile solutions for advisors and wealth managers and identification of six leading vendors

  • In-depth analysis and evaluation of eight mobile solutions for financial advisors, three video-conferencing platforms, one social media dashboard for advisor/client interaction and four innovative solutions in the fields of reporting visualization, data analytics, natural language generation, client-onboarding and more.

  • Individual recommendations for each vendor on how to improve its offerings

  • Criteria that banks and wealth managers should apply when evaluating, purchasing and integrating a mobile solution for their financial advisors

  • Assessment of which mobile solutions are best for the particular needs and characteristics of the categories of banks and wealth managers 

  • Recommendations for vendors on how a comprehensive mobile solution for financial advisors and wealth managers should look

  • Comprehensive data appendix with detailed evaluations of the mobile apps for financial advisors plus evaluations of the digital communication and social media management tools (spreadsheet)

The Report Analyzes Digital and Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors from the Following Vendors:   

Mobile Apps: Avaloq Intellect Design Arena SunGard
Crealogix MicroStrategy Temenos
eMoney Advisor PROFILE Systems & Software
Digital Communication: Blue Jeans TokBox
Analytics, natural language
generation and other solutions: 
Narrative Science Yseop Orion
Social Media:
Hearsay Social


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