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Research Report on Digital Leaders in Wealth Management 2016

Digital Leaders in Wealth Management - Empowering Clients and Creating an Innovative Culture

Nov. 01, 2016

Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous: The Ultimate Report on the Leading Wealth Managers in the Digital Age


The report analyzes the overarching digital performance of 20 leading global private banks and wealth managers (see list of analyzed wealth managers below). Based on a core set of MyPrivateBanking research reports conducted over the past eight months, the results for all major digital touchpoints are factored into this report. The data for the 20 best performing firms are featured in this analysis, with a focus on the top 10 ranked leaders. Additionally, interviews with executives or Heads of Digital in the leading group of top 10 firms were conducted to supplement the analysis. The report identifies the leading digital wealth managers across all digital channels, and specifically for websites, mobile apps and social media.     

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The results are illustrated by featuring core elements of the digital presences of the top 10 ranked wealth managers. In this special additional assessment, the report explores which firms demonstrate strong digital organization, leadership, industry participation, and targeted wealth solutions. Based on this benchmarking data and case studies, the report derives in-depth strategic and practical recommendations for engaging and winning wealthy clients through digital channels. 

This report has the benefit of being highly granular, based on the underlying benchmarks by channel, and to offer a unique perspective it also considers the holistic aspects of how firms have put in place strategies for digital transformation.

Wealth managers, banks, fund managers, IT vendors and consultants will find answers to the following questions:

  • Which banks and wealth managers have firmly established digital as a strategic priority for their wealth management business? What are their digital strategies?

  • Which providers perform best across all digital channels, and which ones are best for websites, mobile apps and social media?

  • Which firms are responding best to innovation and trends, and who demonstrates an organizational and leadership commitment to digital? 

  • How does the organization and leadership look, with regard to digital?     

  • Which banks and wealth managers have a distinct approach to branding, design and client audience segmentation?

  • What are the shared and most striking characteristics of digital leaders in wealth management?

  • Which of the top10 ranked wealth managers engage with external innovators such as FinTech start-ups, via alliances or partnership?

  • Which of the top 10 ranked wealth managers have a robo-advice offering or an explicit plan to launch one in 2016/17?  

  • What are the learning points from the digital presences of the top 10 ranked wealth managers for overall digital strategy and delivery in wealth management

The report provides detailed analysis and data-driven insights on how to develop a digital strategy across channels to win and keep wealthy clients:

  • Top 20 ranking for cross-channel performance and by channel (websites, mobile apps, social media)      

  • Top 10 ranking of the leaders for digital strategy and delivery      

  • Evaluation of top 10 ranked wealth managers’ digital strategies and delivery along 17 criteria in five areas: innovation, digital strategy, organization and leadership, branding and segmentation, cross-channel integration

  • Detailed case studies of the top 10 ranked digital wealth management leaders and analysis of what makes them unique      

  • Recommendations on how to create and deliver the best digital presences targeted at wealthy investors      

  • In total over 30 visuals including graphs, screenshots and charts

  • Data appendix evaluating in detail the top 10 ranked wealth managers’ digital strategies and delivery along 17 criteria in five areas

Analyzed Wealth Managers


ABN AMRO Credit Suisse Investec Société Générale
Barclays Danske Bank JP Morgan UBS
BNP Paribas DBS Bank Merrill Lynch UniCredit
Charles Schwab HSBC Morgan Stanley Vontobel
CITI Private Bank  ING RBC Wells Fargo






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