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Client Monitor Wealth Management (Germany)

Needs, Attitudes, Satisfaction Levels of Wealthy Private Clients

May. 14, 2010

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Over 40% of the German wealthy private clients questioned in this survey can imagine changing banks or plan to do so in the next six months. At the same time the majority of clients doesn’t claim to be dissatisfied with their bank. These are the prominent findings of this latest research of wealth management clients.

MyPrivateBanking Research’s monitoring of wealth management clients presents a thorough analysis of the needs and satisfaction levels among clients of the German wealth management market. 300 wealthy private clients with asset amounting to more than 250,000 euros and/or a yearly gross income of more than 150,000 euros were interviewed. The clients’ attitudes were analyzed extensively. Profiles of satisfaction levels, clients’ willingness to change banks and other essential data are shown in detail for the eight biggest banks and banking groups that the clients interviewed belonged to.

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This study answers the following questions, among others:

  • Which characteristics of their banks/wealth managers are most important to clients?

  • To what extent are clients satisfied, both overall and in particular, with the different service characteristics of providers?

  • How do the satisfaction profiles of the most important banks/wealth managers compare?

  • To what extent are the clients prepared to switch banks? Which bank do they consider moving to?

  • What strategy do the clients employ with their investment portfolio?

  • What do clients pay currently to their bank/wealth manager and what fee models do the latter have?

  • How do clients differ from each other regarding satisfaction levels and attitudes depending on age, size of assets, gender or portfolio strategy? 

Central contents of the survey:

  • Extensive presentation of the relative importance of individual service characteristics (24 characteristics in all) and the corresponding levels of client satisfaction

  • Analysis of clients’ willingness to switch banks and their objectives in doing so

  • Data on fee structures, fee amounts, use of financial products, investment and portfolio strategy

  • Detailed results for each of the 8 banks and banking groups: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank/Dresdner Bank, private banks (this category includes HSBC Trinkhaus & Burkhardt; Sal. Oppenheim; Delbrück, Bethmann, Maffei; Metzler; M.M. Warburg; BHF Bank; Berenberg Bank), ING-Diba, Sparkassen, Sparda Bank, Volks- and Raiffaisenbanken, Postbank 

Survey (140 pages) incl. data appendix (75 charts)

Additionally the whole data file is available in excel format


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