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Crowdfunding and Wealth Management Report 2015

The Rise of Crowdfunding: Threats and Opportunities for the Global Wealth Management Industry

Oct. 26, 2015

The Ultimate Report on Crowdfunding and Wealth Management: Comprehensive, Data-Driven, Rigorous


This rigorous and detailed report tells you all you need to know to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the leading crowdfunding platforms worldwide targeting wealthy clients, along with the implications of crowdfunding for conventional wealth managers. The 159-page report explores more than 50 crowdfunding platforms that are of strong relevance for the wealth management industry and analyzed in-depth 14 crowdfunding platforms in the sectors of donation and reward-based crowdfunding, marketplace lending, P2B lending and equity crowdinvesting. In addition, the report includes comprehensive profiles of three providers of support infrastructure that are highly relevant for the crowdfunding industry.

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Furthermore, the report offers an extensive analysis of the status and future of crowdfunding markets in wealth management, discusses several market size prognoses (including one by MyPrivatebanking Research), strategic considerations for wealth managers in relation to crowdfunding, an introduction to the technology platforms used by crowdfunders and, finally, MyPrivateBanking’s recommendations for wealth managers and crowdfunding platforms. The report was not commissioned by any vendor or bank and has been conducted completely independently.

The report answers the following questions of interest to wealth managers, banks, fund managers, crowdfunding platforms, and IT vendors and consultants:

  • What is the current involvement of private banks and wealth management firms in the crowdfunding market and how will it develop over the next ten years?
  • What impacts, opportunities and threats do the main crowdfunding sectors - donation and reward-based crowdfunding, marketplace lending, P2B lending and equity crowdinvesting – have for wealth managers?
  • What are the backgrounds, key facts, strengths and weaknesses of the 14 leading crowdfunding platforms specifically targeting wealthy investors worldwide?
  • What are the features, strengths and weaknesses of three support infrastructure solutions that are highly relevant for the implementation of crowdfunding platforms?
  • How to get involved in crowdfunding as a wealth manager? Make, buy or partner?
  • Which features and functions should crowdfunding solutions have to satisfy clients’ needs? How should crowdfunding platforms improve their offerings
  • What are the implications of the crowdfunding model for traditional wealth managers? How can they counter the threats? How can they benefit?
  • Where will crowdfunding in wealth management go? What will the next trends be? 

Main Content:

  • How existing wealth managers respond to the threats and opportunities presented by crowdfunding companies.
  • Interfaces and tools that crowdfunding platforms use to enroll clients and how they manage their investments and risk tolerance.
  • 14 in-depth profiles of crowdfunding platforms of relevance to wealth managers covering the US (6), the UK (5), Switzerland (3), France, Germany, Egypt, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other African, Asian and European countries.
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of each crowdfunding platform, including specific learning points for wealth managers.
  • Analysis and evaluation of three leading vendors and service providers for technology used by crowdfunding platforms and a detailed evaluation of their offerings.
  • Recommendations on how crowdfunding platforms can improve their value proposition to win more wealthy clients.
  • Identification and detailing of strategic options for wealth managers on how to benefit from crowdfunding and counter threats.

In-depth Profiles of Crowdfunding Platforms in the report:
CircleUp, Companisto, Crowdcube, Emerging Crowd, Eureeca, Funding Circle, Investiere, Kickstarter, Lending Club, Microventures, Miteinander Erfolgreich, OurCrowd, Shekra, Ulule.

In-depth Profiles of Service Providers and Technology Vendors for Crowdfunding Services in the report:
CrowdEngine, Orchard Platform, Profile Software’s FMS.next P2P Lending solution

Other platforms and providers that are mentioned in the report:
Alternativa.fr, Bankless24, Bondora, Cashare, Daily Deed, DealGlobe, EquityNet, Fuer-Gruender.de, Fundme Securities, Indiegogo, iFunding, InvestX, Kapipal, MyMicroInvest, OneVest, Prosper, Raizers, Ratesetter, Seedrs, Smava, Snowball Effect, SquareKnot, StartNext, Syndicate-Room, TexasNetworks.com, TexasTruCrowd, Zopa.

Price: Euro 2,400 / USD 2,550 incl. full corporate license


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