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Digital Innovation in Wealth Management Report 2016

From Disruption to Innovation - How Wealth Managers can Master the FinTech Challenge

Aug. 25, 2016

This report provides wealth managers and banks with the data and analysis they need to make the right decisions on how best to focus their innovation efforts and budgets to master the FinTech challenge.

The state of innovation in wealth management is illustrated by identifying and detailing the resources, means, objectives and areas for innovation and how wealth managers measure innovation success. The research is based upon 40 structured interviews with managers and executives of large, international private banks and wealth managers worldwide, plus in-depth qualitative interviews with a select group of digital leaders in the wealth management industry.

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Discover the digital trends affecting the wealth management industry and explore the areas where wealth managers should focus their innovation efforts in the future. The report also highlights ten examples of disruption related to wealth management, including some incumbent institutions that are increasing their own disruptive potential by their innovation response.

The report provides detailed data and analysis of the state and evolution of innovation in the global wealth management industry, including:

  • Areas of innovation
  • Wealth Managers’ yearly budgets for new digital projects 
  • Digital budget for new projects by category 
  • Important factors for realizing digital innovations 
  • Objectives for digital innovation 
  • Main barriers to digital innovation 
  • Key performance indicators for the success of digital innovation
  • Ten profiles of disruptors in wealth and investment management
  • Portrait of seven innovation initiatives by established wealth managers and banks

Wealth managers, banks, fund managers, IT vendors and consultants
will find answers to the following questions:

  • How high is the budget for new digital channels and digital customer interfaces and what percentage goes to which projects? How will the budget develop in the future?
  • In which areas do wealth managers currently employ their resources for innovation and to what extent? In which areas should they focus their innovation efforts in the future?
  • Which are the new competitors challenging the established wealth managers, what makes them different, and what is the best way to combat those challengers using digital innovation?
  • How many employees do wealth managers task with the operation of digital channels and how is it expected to develop?
  • Which are the important factors in realizing digital innovation?
  • What are the objectives of and barriers to digital innovation and how is the success of digital innovation measured?
  • What are the most important digital trends in the wealth management industry today?
  • What can wealth managers learn from innovative disruptions in other industries? 
  • How do wealth managers innovate today and what do their initiatives look like? 
  • What innovation challenges do wealth managers face? How can they overcome them?
  • Incubators are just one outstanding example of innovation initiative in the wealth industry - what others are out there?



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