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Investor Survey Report on Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management 2016

Investors’ Attitudes towards Robo-Advisors – Evidence from the US and the UK

May. 09, 2016


Our 258-page report (48 pages of analysis and commentary plus 210 data chart pages) provides banks, wealth managers, fund managers and robo-advisors with the data and analysis they need to make the right decisions on how to best serve affluent and high-net-worth individuals via online investment platforms.

The report tells you all you need to know about the behaviors, attitudes and needs of the wealthy with respect to robo-advice in the US and the UK. In addition to exploring investors’ attitudes towards specific features of online investment platforms, the survey tests brand awareness and the level of openness towards innovation in this field. 
The key findings for each country are presented in the report and assessed for their impact on wealth managers targeting affluent and wealthy US and UK investors.

>>Click here for Report Summary, Table of Contents, Questionnaire (PDF)<<

The report is based on a quantitative panel survey with a total of 600 randomly selected mass affluent, affluent and high-net-worth participants in the UK and the US (300 from each country). All survey data are detailed in the comprehensive appendix to the report, with individual splits by country and further segmentation by criteria such as wealth (amount of investable assets) and age.

The report provides detailed analysis and data-driven insights into the client’s view of robo-advice:

  • Levels of awareness regarding robo-advisors in different wealth segments
  • Usage of robo-advisors and online investment platforms by affluent/HNWIs and characteristics of those users
  • Share of assets that affluent/HNWIs are willing to manage with an online investment tool
  • Expectations of affluent/HNWIs on the length and depth of the registration process during on-boarding for an online investment platform
  • Brand awareness of the leading robo-advisors in the US and the UK
  • The level of fees affluent/HNWIs would pay as a % of managed assets for automated online advisory tools
  • Main advantages and disadvantages affluent/HNWIs see in robo-advice
  • Technical features that online investment platforms should offer
  • Investment tasks which affluent/HNWIs expect an online advisory platform should offer
  • How affluent/HNWIs interact with their advisor and how they feel about future client-advisor communication channels
  • Satisfaction of affluent/HNWIs in seven key services offered by their wealth manager
  • Four comprehensive data appendicies (individual splits by country and further segmented by criteria such as Amount of investable assets and age)



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