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Mobile Solutions Vendor Report 2013

Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

Mar. 13, 2013

The 2013 vendor report on mobile solutions for financial advisors and wealth managers: comprehensive, data-driven, rigorous    

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Mobile solutions for financial advisors to support client interaction and the advisory process will become one of the most industry-disruptive, but potentially most rewarding developments in the wealth management sector. The meeting and personal interaction between advisor and client is so far dominated by heaps of paper, often out-dated reports and portfolio data. This is now all on the verge of changing: mobile apps bring a whole new set of tools to the advisor, which will support and facilitate client interaction. Real-time financial data, multi-media background information, dynamic scenario planning and bringing in other specialists via video or messaging are only a few of the new possibilities. 

This rigorous and detailed 95-page report tells you all you need to know for assessing what an optimal mobile solution for financial advisors should look like and what the strengths and weaknesses of the leading software vendors are. Banks and wealth managers will receive a hands-on guide on how to make sure they find the best provider for their needs and vendors access recommendations on how to improve their mobile solution offerings for financial advisors. 

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The report has identified 10 leading vendors with mobile solutions for wealth managers and financial advisors and analysed them along more than 40 function criteria grouped in 10 categories such as CRM, onboarding financial planning, portfolio management, reporting and client communication. It also includes assessments of the third party system integration potential, regulatory compliance capabilities, security measures, the operating systems supported and vendors’ strategies in terms of building native apps or providing mobile-compatible websites. The report was not commissioned by a vendor or bank and has been conducted fully independently.

The report gives vendors, wealth managers, financial advisors and consultants answers to the following questions:

  • What do advisors and clients expect from their mobile solution for supporting the advisory and interaction process?

  • Which features and functions should mobile solutions have to satisfy the needs of both advisors and clients?    

  • Who are the leading providers of mobile solutions for financial advisors?

  • What are the features, strengths and weaknesses of the mobile solutions for financial advisors offered by 10 leading software technology vendors?

  • Which vendors offer the best solutions to satisfy needs of particular categories of advisors and clients?

  • How should wealth managers and banks evaluate which mobile solution are best for them?

  • Which are the key questions a bank or wealth manager should ask themselves and potential vendors in the selection process and the implementation phase?

  • How should vendors improve their mobile solution offerings?

Main Content:

  • Criteria that a bank or wealth manager should apply when evaluating, purchasing and integrating a mobile solution for their financial advisors

  • 10 comprehensive profiles of the leading mobile solutions for advisors and wealth managers

  • Analysis and evaluation of each mobile solution against 41 criteria; incl. individual recommendation for each vendor

  • Assessment of which mobile solution are best for the particular needs and characteristics of which categories of bank and wealth manager

  • Recommendations for vendors on how a comprehensive mobile solution for financial advisors and wealth managers should look

  • Comprehensive data appendix with detailed evaluations of the mobile solutions offered by the 10 software vendors analyzed (spreadsheet)

The Report Analyzes Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors from following Vendors: 

  • Advent Black Diamond
  • Appway
  • Avaloq
  • Charles River Development
  • DST Systems
  • Finantix
  • Kony Solutions
  • MicroStrategy
  • PolarisFT
  • SunGard   


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