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Report: Creating Robo-Advisors that Win and Keep Customers in Banking, Wealth and Fund Management

Robo Advisors 3.0 - How to Create the Best Customer Journey: From Onboarding to Reporting

Jun. 09, 2016



The report Robo-Advisor 3.0 takes a detailed look at the fundamental challenge of every robo-advisor: how to create a presence that succeeds in persuading website visitors to sign up as investors and then stay on board.

In this data-driven assessment, the report examines the characteristics, business models, and strengths and weaknesses of the leading robo-advisors worldwide. The research was carried out on a total of 76 active robo-advisors worldwide - 29 in the US and Canada, 38 in seven European countries and 9 in the Asia-Pacific region. (see below for a list of robo advisors analyzed).

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The comprehensive report provides detailed answers and data on how to optimize the individual onboarding stages (How it works, Client Assessment, Client Onboarding, Communication and Portfolio Reporting) and highlights five best practices for each stage. In addition, the report offers strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs), and analyzes the impact of new technologies.

The report provides detailed analysis and data-driven insights on how to develop robo-advisors to win and keep clients:

  • What a robo-advisor platform should offer to successfully convert prospects into happy clients.
  • Which robo-advisor features work and why.
  • What are best practices for the different stages in the digital customer journey.
  • How long clients need to onboard on the surveyed robo-advisors and which specialized offers are given.
  • What the client assessment process should include 
  • How client communication should be (inbound for customer service and outbound for news, education and commentary).
  • What good portfolio reporting looks like, so that it meets the information needs of the customer.
  • How B2B providers are positioned in the development of robo-advisory services and what they offer.
  • How robo-advisors should adopt their strategies to appeal to different segments such as Millennials, baby boomer investors approaching retirement, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs).
  • Which robo-advisors provide specialized options such as micro-investing, rewards schemes or hedging strategies, and in what manner.
  • What the impacts of new technologies are, such as the use of artificial intelligence for client interaction and narrative generation on the robo-advisor model.
  • How the future of digital success will look for robo-advisors.
  • Appendix containing data on the web presences of more than 70 robo-advisors alongside the digital customer journey process

Analyzed Robo-Advisors:

North America: Acorns, AssetBuilder, Betterment, Blooom, Bicycle Financial, BMO SmartFolio, Capital One Investing, Financial Guard, Flexscore, Future Advisor, Guide Financial, Hedgeable, iQuantifi, Jemstep, Learnvest, Liftoff, Nest Wealth, Personal Capital, Rebalance IRA, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, SheCapital, SigFig, TradeKing Advisors, Universis, Wealthbar, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, Wela, Wisebanyan

Europe: AdviseOnly, Advize, comdirect, Easyfolio, EasyVest, ETFmatic, Fairr.de, FeelCapital, Fiver a Day, Fundshop.fr, GinMon, Investomat, KeyPlan, KeyPrivate, Liqid, Marie Quantier, Money on Toast, MoneyFarm, Nutmeg, Parmenion, Quirion, rplan, Scalable Capital, Simply EQ, Sutor Bank, Swanest, SwissQuote ePrivateBanking, True Potential Investor, True Wealth, Vaamo, VZ Finanz Portal, Wealth Horizon, Wealthify, WeSave, Whitebox, Yellow Advice, Yomoni, Zen Assets.

Asia-Pacific: 8 Now!, Ignition Direct & Ignition Wealth, InvestSMART, Mizuho Bank Smart Folio, Movo, Owners Advisory, QuietGrowth, ScripBox, StockSpot






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