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Research Report on Automated and Digital Account Aggregation in Banking and Wealth Management 2017

Digital Account Aggregation in Wealth Management

Feb. 28, 2017


Wealth management clients will increasingly expect to access the information from their accounts from various financial institutions at one place and this 85-page report offers the required data, analysis and recommendations on how wealth managers can take advantage of new automated account aggregation technology.

The report analyzes in-depth the status, trends and drivers in account aggregation in the US, Europe and Asia and compares the strengths and weaknesses in current automated account aggregation in retail banking and wealth management. This independent research is based on exclusive insights from personal interviews with executives in the banking and wealth management sector.

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Additionally, the report includes a detailed evaluation of leading account aggregation platforms and vendors. This includes extensive case studies showcasing the capabilities of automated account aggregation vendors using screenshots, empirical analysis and evaluation based on in-person interviews. The report also provides comprehensive step-by-step recommendations on how to successfully integrate account integration into your long-term digital strategy.

Wealth managers, banks, IT vendors and consultants will find answers to the following questions:

  • Why is account aggregation in the financial services industry gaining momentum now?
  • What are the soft and hard drivers that make account aggregation especially relevant today?
  • How do changing user behaviors affect the expectations of existing and future clients?
  • Why are regulators pushing for account aggregation? What is the regulatory environment in different regional contexts (focus on EU, US and Asia)?
  • How can financial institutions navigate this new paradigm without violating clients privacy ?
  • What is the status quo of account aggregation in retail vs. wealth management? Why are wealth managers in an especially advantageous position?
  • What are regional differences when it comes to account aggregation offerings?
  • How can wealth managers and other financial actors implement a winning account aggregation strategy step-by step?
  • How can you identify the perfect technology provider for your needs?

Main Content:

  • Status quo and the future of account aggregation in financial services in the EU, US and Asia with a spotlight on wealth management
  • Drivers for account aggregation in wealth management and regulatory changes like PSD2
  • Client expectations on automatic account aggregation
  • Capability assessment of account aggregation vendor solutions worldwide
  • 8 extensive case studies showcasing the capabilities of account aggregation vendors with screenshots, analysis and evaluation
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each solution in addition to differentiating factors from competition as well as implications for wealth managers
  • Analysis of the leading vendors of account aggregation solutions looking along 10 criteria such as functionality, types of assets included, analytical capabilities, costs and security
  • Comprehensive step-by-step recommendations on how to successfully integrate account integration into your long term strategy

The report includes more than 25 visuals including graphs, screenshots and charts and comes with a Key Insights Deck: An easy-to-understand 5 slide presentation that summarizes key findings for quick sharing.

Analyzed vendor solutions:
Blueleaf, ByAllAccounts/Morningstar, Canopy, eWise, Privé Managers, Quovo, SS&C/Advent (Black Diamond), Yodlee (Envestnet)

Case studies retail solutions: Deutsche Bank, MINT, Personal Capital, zuper.

The report is THE resource to understand the implications regulation and technology will have on client information expectations and the resulting account aggregations needs.



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