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Research Report on Digital Wealth Management in Asia with Focus on China and India

Digital Wealth Management in Asia: Focus on China and India

Jun. 20, 2017


The report focuses on Asia’s leading emerging wealth management markets in China and India and pictures the unique market conditions and why they are predestined for digital wealth management offerings. For an in-depth assessment of the current situation, the report profiles and evaluates the digital offerings of the ten leading wealth managers in China and India.

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The 121-page report (plus three additional data supplements) performs a thorough analysis of their digital offerings and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of their websites, mobile apps, social media presences and overall digital strategy along 22 and 19 criteria for China and India respectively. In total, the report evaluates more than 100 websites, mobile apps and social media presences targeted at HNWIs in China and India. The learning points of this benchmarking allow us to make clear recommendations for wealth managers who are planning to gain entry to the markets or who are aiming at strengthening their market position and brand.

Wealth managers, banks, IT vendors and consultants will find answers to the following questions:

  • Why are Asian markets and in particular China and India so promising for wealth managers and for digital wealth management?
  • What do wealth managers planning to serve Chinese or Indian HNWIs have to take into consideration with respect to digital?
  • How can international wealth managers avoid cultural pitfalls when designing and implementing their digital offerings for HNWIs in China or India?
  • What is the number of HNWIs and the size of their assets in each market, what is the regional distribution, and what are the demographics, needs and preferences of the Chinese and Indian HNWIs?
  • Who are the leading players in each market going after HNWIs, and what are their AuMs and USPs?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the websites, mobile apps, social media presences and digital strategies of the 10 leading wealth managers in China and in India?
  • What learning points can be drawn from the successes or failures of current digital wealth management offerings?
  • What are the best practices for digital wealth management offerings in Asia?
  • How will the fast-developing FinTech sector in the APAC region impact wealth managers’ strategies?
  • How can HNWIs in Indonesia and Thailand be best served digitally?

Main Content:

  • Significance, attractiveness and challenges of China and India for wealth managers
  • Numbers, assets, demographics and regional distribution of HNWIs in China and India
  • Status, trends and drivers in digital investing and wealth management in China and India
  • Chinese HNWIs’ major criteria for selecting wealth managers
  • Different wealth segments in China and India and how to reach them digitally
  • Major wealth managers serving HNWIs in China and India and their AuMs and USPs
  • 20 comprehensive profiles of the leading wealth managers’ digital strategies in China and India, including strengths and weaknesses of their websites, mobile apps, social media presences and strategies plus recommendations for each wealth manager
  • Best practices and case studies for various features, plus identification of must-have, advanced and particularly innovative features
  • Overview of Asian FinTech markets and major trends in the APAC Region
  • Digital wealth management in Indonesia and Thailand: Local players, digital strategies, implications for wealth managers
  • Impact of cultural differences in APAC countries on digital wealth management strategies
  • Recommendations on how a winning wealth manager´s digital strategy for China or India should look

The report includes more than 50 visuals including graphs, screenshots and charts, and it comes with three additional data sets: 

  • Data-appendix for China: 10 pages containing detailed evaluations of the digital presences by each analyzed Chinese wealth manager according to 22 criteria and a heat map with the relative performance of each wealth manager

  • Data-appendix for India: 10 pages containing detailed evaluations of the digital presences by each analyzed Indian wealth manager according to 19 criteria a heat map with the relative performance of each wealth manager

  • Key Insights Deck: easy-to-understand 7-slide presentation that summarizes key findings for quick sharing

Analyzed wealth managers in China: ABC Private Banking, BOC Private Banking, BNP Paribas Wealth Management, CCB Private Banking, Citigold Private Clients, CMB Private Banking, HSBC Private Banking, ICBC Private Banking, Noah Holdings Limited, UBS China Wealth Management

Analyzed wealth managers in India: Barclays Wealth, BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Centrum Wealth Management, Citigold Private Clients, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, IIFL Private Wealth Management, ICICI Wealth Management/Private Banking, Julius Baer, Kotak Wealth Management, Sanctum Wealth Management

Our analyst team includes two experienced regional experts: Xiaoyang Xu, who studied at the Fudan University in Shanghai and has a research focus on the wealth management and private banking sector in China, and Rosalia Engchuan, who has a Master Degree in Modern South- and Southeast Asian Studies and has a strong expert knowledge in Asian culture and FinTech topics.



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