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Wealth Guide 2

Cut the Costs of Wealth Management

May. 28, 2009

The total cost of wealth management is the single biggest lever you as a client can influence to boost the performance of your portfolio. However, because of lack of knowledge, most clients do not fully explore the possibilities for cost reduction. Our wealth guide analyzes the reasons and tells you how to get in control of your costs.

Overall you should not pay more than 1% per year of your total assets for wealth management. Our guide describes various ways to cut your costs without hurting your performance.

The free guide discusses in detail:
  • Why fees have such a high impact on your wealth
  • Pros and Cons of various pricing models
  • Which cost you can see – and which ones are not shown to you
  • Hidden Costs of various products
  • Kickbacks wealth managers receive
  • Five steps to reduce your costs of wealth management
  • Questions on costs you should ask your wealth manager
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