Technology is disrupting financial businesses around the world. New opportunities, but also new and serious threats, are emerging. Customer needs and communication habits are changing ever more rapidly.

MyPrivateBanking Research is an independent research firm supporting banks, wealth managers and other financial services providers in navigating successful in this complex environment. 
Our research stands out with a clear, threefold focus: Online, Mobile and FinTech as the Technology focus; Wealth Management/Private Banking as the industry specialization and the User’s perspective as the basis for determining our research criteria    

We offer our insights in a range of products and services through which our clients can take advantage of the understanding gained through MyPrivateBanking’s rigorous research process and specialized expert knowledge

Research Reports:
Comprehensive reports on the best use of websites, social media and mobile apps in the financial services industry, based on proprietary research and written by a seasoned analyst team.

Research Subscriptions:
Our data-rich, comprehensive reports can be purchased individually or on a subscription base. Signing-up for a research subscription with MyPrivateBanking Research brings clients the various numerous benefits such as substaintial savings and fill access to our analysts and research archive.

Customized Research Project:
Applying the same approach and methods used in our industry-wide, comparative reports to individual, confidential studies commissioned by single clients. Clients will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the best use of websites, social media and mobile apps in the financial services industry together with the insight of our seasoned team of analysts being brought to bear on the client’s specific situation.

Vendor Analysis:
Independent and thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of technology suppliers to support the vendor selection process through ratings and recommendations.

Workshops and Presentations:
We present our research results in person in customized telephone-conferences, in workshops or presentations.

At MyPrivateBanking Events attendees will learn about our latest research findings, and can meet with our analysts and network with their peers.

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