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Flash Report: Cryptocurrencies for Wealth Management 2018

Cryptocurrencies for Wealth Management - A Risk Worth Taking?

This 21-page flash report examines cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles in order to help wealth managers understand the risks and opportunities on offer—for instance, Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Futures. The report includes detailed insight into the pros and cons of eight of the most popular cryptocurrencies ... more >

Report: Affluent and Wealthy Investors Attitudes towards Robo-Advisors 2017

Wealthy Clients Open to Robo-Advisors But Still Want the Human Touch

Younger and high-net-worth client segments are very open towards robo-advisors and are willing to invest significant shares of their assets with them. This is a significant finding of the report for which MyPrivateBanking surveyed 1,000 mostly affluent and wealthy respondents from the key private wealth markets - the US, UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland - for their opinions about automated investment platforms.... more >

Flash Report: Cloud Computing for Wealth Management

As the digital wealth management ecosystem grows to encompass all parts of the firm, cloud computing has become an alternative to expensive in-house technological infrastructure solutions. This Flash Report examines its key advantages and disadvantages and explores two case studies in the wealth management sector.... more >

Report: Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017

Robo-Advisors Remain a Digital One-Trick Pony

The global robo-advisor market continues to experience unabated growth. By the end of 2020 more than USD 4 trillion will be managed by robo-advisors and automated investment platforms worldwide. But despite this strong growth, the digital platforms of most robo-advisors have not developed to a point where they can meet the comprehensive needs of their investor and wealth management clients. This report’s analysis and evaluation of 31 pure and hybrid robo-advisors from 11 countries show that on a... more >

Report: Big Data for Wealth Management

Wealth Managers' Big Data projects often fail due to poorly planned implementation strategies.

In recent years, financial providers have looked for ways to leverage the power of Big Data by implementing new digital ecosystems intended to take advantage of increased data volume. Unfortunately, many of these projects have produced underwhelming returns, if not outright failure. Our report analyzes why Big Data projects in the financial services sector are often less successful than intended, and what can wealth managers do to ensure that their Big Data initiatives stand a better chance of s... more >

Report: Wealth Advisor Digitalization

Digitalization enables wealth advisors to be more efficient, compliant and client-friendly

Digital technology is contributing to a major shift in the role of financial advisors and their efficiency. The advisor of the future will be much more a coach than a financial expert. At the same time, technology will allow advisors to handle more clients than they do now. This report analyzes the status, trends and drivers in the digitalization of wealth advisor function, presents case studies to show digitalization initiatives working out in practice and gives essential recommendations for we... more >

Report: Digital Account Aggregation in Wealth Management 2017

Clients and Regulators Press for Automated Account Aggregation

Wealth management clients increasingly expect to access account information from various institutions in one digital interface and wealth managers are perfectly placed to take advantage of new automated account aggregation technology. Based on an in-depth analysis the status, trends and drivers in account aggregation in the US, Europe and Asia the report predicts that account aggregation will be the new normal in wealth management over the next 5-10 years. By comparing the strengths and weak... more >

Free Webinar - Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chatbots - How Financial Institutions Should Employ Virtual Assistants

See the free recording of our webinar on the challenges financial institutions face when deciding to develop a bot.... more >

Special Report Promotion 2016

To provide you with a sample of our research in the field of digital media and FinTech for financial services, we are pleased to offer you a full copy of our report „The Rise of Crowdfunding: Threats and Opportunities for the Global Wealth Management Industry“ for free. No obligation and no registration required. ... more >

Report: Chatbots for Banking and Wealth Management 2016

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants set to take over Banks' Client Interaction

Chatbots as a means of customer interaction are taking the banking sphere by storm with more bots being launched every week. For the report we screened more than 100 banks, wealth managers and challenger banks in order to identify, analyze and profile the 44 most advanced and innovative chatbots today. Additionally, the report evaluates state-of-the-art chatbots by nine FinTechs and challenger banks and as well the offerings of eight B2B bot developers. ... more >

Report: Leading Robo-Advisors 2016

Robo-Advisory model at a tipping point and only those willing to change will survive

The robo-advisory model is at a tipping point with all current players needing further development if the robo concept is to prove long-lasting. Without further refinement on the part of individual robo-advisors themselves, a substantial portion of current providers will have difficulties succeeding in the long-term. This is one of the main findings of our report for which we analyzed and ranked 30 leading robo-advisors worldwide with Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, Indexa Capital and Nutmeg on t... more >

Report: Fund and Asset Managers Digital Presence for Institutionals and Advisors

Fund Managers Struggle with Compelling Digital Offers for Institutional and Advisors

The global leaders in fund and asset management have a lot of catching up to do with regard to their digital strategies targeting institutional investors and intermediaries. This is the key finding of our report for which we analyzed and ranked the relevant digital presences of the 20 leading fund and asset managers worldwide. The overall winner of MyPrivateBankings’s ranking is Invesco, followed by Vanguard and... more >

Report: From Disruption to Innovation in Digital Wealth Management

Wealth Managers Need a Fresh Approach to Innovation to Master the FinTech Challenge

Global wealth managers are embracing innovation, but in many cases they are not really addressing the deep strategic change that is putting the industry under more and more pressure. This is a key finding of this report, for which MyPrivateBanking surveyed 40 executives and innovation leaders of the leading global wealth management and private banking institutions. About 30% of respondents expect their innovation budgets to rise more than 20% within one year, and about half of these expect growt... more >

Report: Robo-Advisors 3.0

For Robo-Advisors a Better Customer Journey Becomes Matter of Survival

Too many robo-advisors demonstrate gaps and weak spots in the critical areas of digital onboarding and client assessment. While the robo phenomenon is here to stay, many of the robo-advisors will not survive. These are main findings of our new report for which we analyzed over 75 active robo-advisors in 13 countries and determined how to create a presence that succeeds in persuading website visitors to sign up as investors and then stay on board... more >

Investor Survey Report on Robo-Advisors and Wealth Management 2016

The majority of affluent and high-net-worth individuals recognize the potential of robo-advisors and automated investment services to add value to their wealth management services. This is a main finding of MyPrivateBanking’s recent quantitative panel survey, with insights from 600 affluent and wealthy investors in the US and the UK. More than 70% of overall respondents think that such tools can positively influence their wealth manager’s advice and decision-making process and... more >

Report: Crowdfunding and Wealth Management 2015

Crowdfunding: a Major Threat to the Global Wealth Management Industry

Despite the explosive growth and potentially disruptive impacts of crowdfunding on private banks and wealth management companies, interest in crowdfunding on the part of the wealth management industry has remained very low. ... more >

Robo-Advisors Report 2015

The disruptive effects of robo-advisors and automated investment services to the traditional wealth management industry are growing. Whereas the market development in 2014 was dominated by the launch and growth of start-ups, established wealth managers have started to strike back and are opening up to the robo-trend ... more >

Report: Digital and Mobile Solutions for Financial Advisors 2015

Wealth managers’ traditional model of providing financial advice is under attack by computers with increasingly cognitive abilities, taking over tasks ranging from risk assessment and portfolio allocation to financial planning and tax optimization. But wealth managers can fend off these threats by applying the right technology themselves... more >

Robo-Advisors Report 2014

Assets Managed by Robo-Advisors will Skyrocket to $255 billion within Five Years

Robo-advisors, primarily web-based wealth management providers that offer automated investment services, will grow rapidly and pose a real threat to the business models of conventional wealth managers. Global assets under management (AuM) of the robo-advisor services will reach $14 billion by ... more >
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