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Report: How HNWIs use the mobile apps and digital channels of banks and wealth managers

Across five key wealth management markets, only 71% of affluent and wealthy individuals use the mobile apps offered by their banks and wealth managers. More than a quarter of clients still refuse to use their wealth managers’ mobile apps, mainly due to a lack of trust in the privacy and security features of those apps. The report explores in details the behavior, attitudes and preferences of HNWIs towards their wealth managers’ mobile based on a survey of the mobile needs of 1000... more >

Report: Mobile Apps for Wealth Management 2017

Wealth Managers’ Mobile Apps Lack Innovations

The wealth management industry, as a whole, suffers from complacency when it comes to mobile app strategies, which is especially problematic given that the digital wealth management industry as a whole is in transition. This is one of the key findings of this report for which we analyzed and ranked, in total, almost 60 mobile apps of 34 leading wealth managers worldwide. According to the analysis, 75% of the analyzed wealth managers provide apps that cater to the needs of wealthy clients, but th... more >

Report: Digital Offerings for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients 2017

Slow Progress in Wealth Managers’ Digital Offerings for the Super-Rich

Wealth managers for the super-rich are largely missing out on digital opportunities to attract and engage their high-end clientele. Only a few firms have clearly recognized and reacted to the increasing digital needs of their ultra-wealthy clients. This is one main finding of our report for which we analyzed and ranked the digital offerings targeted at the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) sector, defined as those with at least $25 million in investable assets, by 12 leading wealth managers worldwide.... more >

Report: Mobile Apps for Banking 2016

Banking apps must up their game to grab Millennials' interest

While mobile devices continue their triumphant advance in the digital arena, the world’s leading retail banks are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced development of the innovative digital features their customers demand. These are key findings of the report that analyzes and ranks the mobile apps of 35 leading retail banks worldwide and, where applicable, the Apple Watch apps. In total, 130 apps were assessed according to 49 criteria. This year’s winner is again BNP Paribas with ... more >

Report: Hybrid Robo-Advisors 2016

Hybrid Robos will Manage 10% of Investable Assets by 2025

Hybrid robo-advisory strategies represent a paradigm shift in the pace and path of change in the wealth management industry. We estimate that hybrid robo services will by 2020 grow to a size of USD 16,300 billion. This number constitutes just over 10% of the total investable wealth in 2025. This is a key finding of our report “Hybrid Robos: how combining human and automated wealth advice delivers superior results and gains market share"... more >

New Report: Banking on the Apple Watch

Banking on the Apple Watch: Time to Deliver Apps that Excite Clients

Despite the rapid market growth of smartwatches, and in particular the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch banking apps are not living up to their promises. This is a key finding in our report for which we analyzed and ranked the Apple Watch banking apps offered by 22 leading retail banks... more >

Report: Mobile Apps for Banking 2015

Banking apps are still failing to engage and attract customers, and in today’s fast-paced mobile technology environment, banks remain preoccupied with the provision of basic features. The winners of our 2015 ranking are DBS Bank (Singapore) and BNP Paribas (France). Runners up are ... more >

Event Presentation 03/2015

Our head of research, Steffen Binder, was recently invited to present our research on the impact of the mobile revolution for wealth management and private banking. We offer members of the MyPrivatebanking Research Community the main charts on the trends, usage numbers, best practices and conclusions for free. ... more >

Briefing 05/2015

The Apple Watch has been described as watch-like, but more of an extension to a phone. Will it evolve from this and will it play a leading role as part of a broader wearables trend thanks to Apple’s leading edge marketing?... more >

Global Survey of Mobile Disruption in Wealth Management 2014

Wealthy Shifting Financial Matters to Mobile Channels - Chinese HNWI Digital Winners Worldwide

More than 80% of the affluent/high-net-worth individuals worldwide use apps or mobile websites for financial matters. The Chinese are the most advanced users of mobile technology when it comes to their financial affairs. For instance, 96% of Chinese respondents are using mobile apps for financial transactions and information, whereas... more >

Report: Mobile Apps for Fund Management 2014

Only 10% of Fund Managers Worldwide Offer Mobile Apps

The vast majority of leading fund managers lack effective mobile apps strategies. This is one of the main finding of our new report "Mobile Apps for Fund Management 2014 - A critical channel to reach investors", which analyzes the mobile apps of 20 leading wealth managers worldwide and ranks Invesco, Franklin Templeton and Vanguard in the Top 3... more >

Report: Mobile Apps for Insurance 2012

Insurance Companies Miss Potential of Mobile Apps

Adoption of mobile apps in the insurance industry is still at a very early stage. For our new report we benchmarked a total of more than 100 apps offered by 30 leading insurance companies worldwide. The overall winner of the app ranking is the French AXA insurance group, followed by the AEGON group in second place and AVIVA in third. But less than 10% of global insurers have comprehensive app strategy ... more >
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