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Report: Websites for Wealth Management 2018

Desktop isn’t dead! Many wealthy clients still use these online portals regularly—and a flexible, interactive, and dynamic website that builds dialogue between client in bank is a must. The top 3 performing wealth managers in the 2018 MyPrivateBanking evaluation include two recurring players and an impressive leap in performance from a player with a previously average web presence: ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas and DBS. In total the report... more >

Report: Behind the Login of Wealth Managers Websites and Mobile Apps 2017

Many Wealth Managers' Websites and Mobile Apps Flounder Behind the Log-In

Wealth managers’ secure websites and mobile apps that require a client log-in perform very well in the delivery of basic capabilities, but they lack in the state-of-the-art personalization and instant communication features that would make a real difference for high-net-worth clients. This report performs a detailed assessment of the client-only websites and mobile apps offered by 15 of the largest global wealth managers and uncovers their strengths and weaknesses and identifies best... more >

All Done!

THANKS!... more >

Report: Websites For Wealth Management 2016

One-third of Wealth Managers' Websites Need Complete Relaunch

There is a growing digital divide between those wealth managers who offer engaging and client-friendly websites that are continually updated and improved, and those who are lacking in a number of key areas. This is a key findings of our report for which we analyzed and ranked the desktop and mobile websites of 35 leading wealth managers worldwide. Based on 36 criteria for the desktop websites and 21 criteria for the mobile websites. The overall winner of this year´s ranking wis ABN Amro, followe... more >

Report: Digital Wealth Management Offerings for UHNWs

Super-rich get only poor Digital Services from their Wealth Managers

Digital wealth management for the super-rich today is at a very immature stage. For our new report we analyzed the digital offerings targeted to ultra-high-net-worth clients by 12 leading private banks and family offices worldwide. We found few firms who have clearly recognized and reacted to the increasing significance of digital tools for their UHNW clients... more >

Report: Websites for Fund and Asset Management 2016

Top Fund Managers Slow to Provide Competitive Websites

The websites of the global leaders in fund and asset management fail to meet the highest standards in user experience and interactivity. This is a key finding of the new report which analyzes and ranks the desktop and mobile sites for individual investors of the world’s top 15 fund managers. The fund managers TIAA-CREF, Fidelity and Franklin Templeton top the ranking... more >

Report: Websites for Wealth Management 2015

In the sixth annual global analysis and ranking of the desktop and mobile websites of 40 leading wealth managers worldwide, MyPrivateBanking Research has selected the Top 5 wealth management website portfolios. ABN AMRO is the overall winner of this year´s ranking with 90 points (out of a maximum of 100), followed by DBS and Investec with 82 points respectively.... more >

Briefing 04/2015

Gamification has developed into an important tool for financial services firms to reach out to clients, prospects, job seekers, employees and other stake-holders. This brief encourages wealth management firms to use gamification as part of their digital strategy, it shows best practice cases and suggests strategic recommendation... more >

New Report: Social Media in Banking and Wealth Management

Over the last two years banks have improved their overall presence in social media, as the 20 leading banks worldwide have at least one presence on the major channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are also encouraging levels of engagement with the visual social media channels Instagram and Pinterest.... more >

Report: Websites for Wealth Management 2014

Mobile Wealth Management Websites Trail Far Behind Desktop Web Siblings

This year’s benchmarking study shows that the global leaders in wealth management and private banking are on the right track with their desktop websites. However, their mobile websites, being largely neglected, represent a major weakness in the overall digital strategy of these firms. ABN AMRO Private Banking was able to defend last year’s top spot and ... more >

Report: E-Publications for Wealth Management Clients 2013

Despite the current electronic publishing revolution, many wealth managers are not yet offering a balanced portfolio of publications via electronic media for their clients. Although basic features, such as technical quality, prove to be satisfactory, the most critical shortcomings are in the areas of content offered and available media formats. ... more >

Analysis by Steffen Binder, Research Director

In his seminal work, ‘Competitive Strategy’, the world-renowned Prof. Michael Porter has identified five major forces that shape competition and success for the players in every industry. If you look at social media through the perspective of these five forces, the consequences they unleash for the competitive dynamic in the banking sector become very clear.... more >
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